David Bowie has a new album called The Next Day due out later this month, but iTunes is allowing users to listen to it for FREE until it officially launches! It is the first time Apple has joined forces with someone of Bowie’s caliber to release an album, Bowie’s first offering in over a decade.



So really all you have to do is access your iTunes to listen. I would imagine you search for Bowie and “The Next Day” and it should come right up! Start listening NOW until March 11th.

A lot of folks are wondering if the veteran rocker will be hitting the road to tour on his new music after Bowie’s drummer talked in the press about it being “a real possibility.”


David Bowie’s The Next Day is being offered on iTunes for free for a very limited time so hurry on your way! It will be streaming for FREE from now until March 11th. Source inquisitr.