Little Honey Boo Boo had a great idea… Why not sell my Girl Scout cookies to my hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook? Sounds like a good idea to me! But — The Girl Scouts of America says it was UNFAIR! So the organization shut down her campaign.



Boo Boo posted the ad on her Facebook page — which has like 701,000 likes.  She also got in the girl scouts’ faces by posting pictures of stacks of boxes that she sold.  FYI … she’s not selling the cookies for herself … she’s doing it for a friend.It didn’t go down well with the organization.  A rep for GSUSA in Georgia tells TMZ … they contacted her site’s administrator and explained online selling is off-limits, because it defeats the whole purpose of selling the cookies — to teach girls all sorts of things, including goal setting, people skills, etc.So HBB’s people took down the ads, but get this … the sales she’s already made will be counted.If HBB wants to help her friend, she’s gotta stand outside a whole bunch of Piggly Wigglys. tmz

I like this kid! Very enterprising! This is IF it was her with the idea in the first place and not some handler…