I really think this is just about the dumbest trend ever! Swatting! It puts cops out on emergency calls to celebrities, but usually, there is no real emergency. Then if grandma is getting jacked up there are no police to respond, because there are all busy getting their picture taken with Clint Eastwood!

Back in 1987, Clint Eastwood joined the Reagan administration’s “War on Drugs,” appearing in a series of cinema PSAs funded by the Motion Pictures Association of America. The ads were shot by the now-defunct Weintraub Entertainment Group, the production company responsible for My Stepmother Is an Alien.


A “swatting” prankster in L.A. must have a death wish … because TMZ has learned, the latest bogus 911 call to involve a celebrity targeted Dirty Harry himself … Clint Eastwood.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, multiple units rushed to Eastwood’s L.A. home this week after a relay service called 911 … reporting multiple males armed with assault weapons inside the actor’s house and people had been shot.

When the officers arrived at the scene, we’re told they found nothing wrong … the standard “swatting” scenario.

Police were unable to determine if anyone was home at the time of the prank. tmz

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