Could this story get anymore pathetic? Reports say Mindy McCready was living in total squaller at the time of her death. Her house stunk of spoiled food and dog feces both of which could be seen laying around everywhere. Huge bottles full of prescription pills were also littered throughout the home. Cops sadly found the dead body of a dog apparently shot by McCready before she took her own life.Lastfm_MindyMcCready

McCready also faced losing her children. Recently discovered court papers show the state proposing that her two sons be sent to live with her long-estranged mother.


“The most important thing are my babies must come home,” she wrote in an email to her private investigator friend Danno Hanks, who tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story: “She lost all hope.”

McCready, 37, died in the same spot where the body of her boyfriend David Wilson was discovered last month, also with a gunshot wound to the head.article-mccreadykid-0114

McCready was mother to Zayne, 10 months, and Zander, 6, had recently gone to a court-ordered rehab center.

Obit McCready

“People talk about a train wreck, but the world lost a real person, a human being, a mother,” says country singer Chely Wright, a friend of McCready’s from their early days in Nashville. “I’m praying for her kids.”