File this under “crazy conspiracy theories” along side all of the other crazy conspiracy theories — that ended up being true… An all new style of drone technology that doesn’t locate the target by using the soon-to-be victim’s cellphone transmission, rather it finds the target by reading, tracking and extinguishing its DNA… I know right?

From what I from what I understand it’s a two-step process, this little nasty drone with the hypodermic needle lands on you and collects your DNA, then it communicates the frequency of your DNA to a larger drone that soon arrives to kill you. This theory ‘assumes’ that DNA emits a frequency… I know right?


The new technology is being rolled out for the very first time to help and sniff out and assassinate killer cop killer, on the run, Christopher Dorner.

Now for my regular disclaimer: This conspiracy theory, like others that appear on from time to time, come compliments of my uncle, the same guy who ends up every evening in a drunken heap… Having said that, he’s also the same guy seems to ALWAYS get this stuff right! He says he has “high friends in places,” but I think he channels it whilst inebriated … I know right?

Building 7… I know right?

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