Serving out of the same Studio City location for 51 years, Henry’s taco is finally closing its doors after the property owner refused to renegotiate the eatery’s lease.



The famous corner taco stand will close forever at 9 p.m. tonight. A long line of customers formed to grab one of the last tacos rolled out of the kitchen.

The closure is blamed on a 50 percent rent hike imposed by the landowner. Henry’s grandson, the current restaurant owner, tried to get the building declared a historic landmark but the landlord’s cooperation would have been needed in order to complete the business-saving transaction. Needless to say, that did not happen.

Henry Comstock started the business that would serve costumers tacos and other Mexican delights at the same neighborhood corner location for 51 years.

Elijah Wood and George Lopez both took to Twitter to try to garner some mercy for the trendy taco hangout, but to no avail. It will close.

Incidentally, another celebrity favorite, Bob’s Big Boy, located on the border of Toluca Lake and Burbank, almost experienced the same fate as Henry’s — before being declared a historical landmark.