Residents of a senior apartment complex are not taking the ban of their Christmas tree sitting down! The tree was ordered to be taken down after management deemed it a religious symbol.

California-based, JB Partners Group Inc. posted a memo to staff demanding they take down Christmas trees and menorahs in communal areas.


Feisty seniors are fighting back by banding together, complete with a neon green sign that says: “Please Save Our Tree.”

“We’re all angry. We want that tree,” said one senior, “Where’s our freedom? This is ridiculous.”

Some of the delicate seniors seemed to be more confused by the move, “We could put out Easter baskets, have turkey for Thanksgiving but no tree for Christmas? I was really looking forward to it, shucks.”

Okay I think I’m ready to kick somebody’s ass! WHO DO I CALL? Give these seniors their damn tree! Are you kidding me?

JB Property declined to comment.