Living and working around Hollywood, I’ve heard of a lot of things implanted… But a mustache? Men are flocking to Istanbul, Turkey, for a very special plastic surgery procedure – mustache implants.


The men, most of which are tourists from the Middle East, between the ages of 30 and 50, pay about $7,000 each to get the mustache installed! The doctor performing the hair-raising operations states he performs at least 50 to 60 of the procedures each month.

Each mustache comes with the guarantee of fertility, wisdom and maturity. I’m not kidding, that comes directly off a plaque located in the doctor’s office.

“For some men who look young and junior, they think [a mustache] is a must to look senior … more professional and wise, they think it is prestigious.” Said the doc, “Having a mustache was always a big thing, ever since the Ottoman time, most Arab leaders have mustaches or some form of facial hair. I think culturally it suggests masculinity, wisdom and experience.”

Now get this, in the Arab world, the mustache can literally be used as collateral for loans! And if you don’t pay the loan back? You guessed it, the mustache comes off – permanently – Hence the implants…

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