150 fans and journalists have just landed – after traveling with Rihanna for seven days on her private Boeing 777 as part of her 777 Tour –  And by checking out the participant’s tweets, we are just starting to get a feel for what the conditions were like on that plane, from most accounts, not so great.


The one most most complained about items had to be the fact that Rhianna constantly disappeared from fans and journalists who never really got a good look at the singer over the seven days, and when they weren’t looking for Rihanna they were waiting for her, on the tarmac, for hours at a time, usually while Rihanna was making her way back from one of the countless party tour stops. When Rihanna finally did show up, she was whisked away to a private area of the plane, where beleaguered fans and journalists were not invited.

Gawker collected some of the tweets and posted them on their website today and now I offer them to you.

After seven days in seven countries — seven tour stops separated by long rides on a Boeing 777 — our long national nightmare is over: the Rihanna plane has landed in New York, carrying with it the 150 beleaguered fans and journalists who’d been held captive at the whim of their Barbadian mistress. But for many, the last few hours were the hardest.

Rihanna had disappeared. Flyers were distributed:

Exhaustion overtook the hostages.

But she emerged, for the first time since the plane had taken off a week ago, just before it landed in New York.

And with that, the hostages returned, to cheering throngs of Americans with yellow ribbons tied around their arms.

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