MOUNT PLEASANT, Michigan.  A Michigan high school may have to forfeit two victories after their star player tured out to be a 21-year-old man, posing as a 16-year-old student on the football team.


James Nash, AKA, Javier Jones, was the team’s star player and even got gushing writes ups in local news papers,

The 16-year-old said practising questions from past papers frequently and spending long hours at the books are the things he did to be successful.


While admitting that giving up on his favourite activities wasn’t easy for him, he said he had to dedicate himself to the task in order to gain the type of rewards he wanted.

School Athletic Director Jim Conway said parents are frustrated by the move to give up their two victories after Nash, 21, allegedly used false documents to attend the school.

“They’re as frustrated or if not more frustrated than the adults in this situation, which was good to see. I think that the kids have learned a valuable lesson. They’re asking the questions ‘why’ and ‘how’ — just as we are as adults,” Conway said of the players.

School officials said they were working with a cops by providing documents to prosecutors for possible charges against Nash.