Get a temporary soft pastel look on your hair with a stick of chalk!  This new hair trend is easy to do and washes out at your next hair washing.  Everyone from hipsters to children to Hollywood celebs are doing it.  There’s no commitment and you can go crazy for a day.  Even if you’re a preppy woman or man who works in a library can rock the look!


It’s not complicated to do.  Take a piece of pastel chalk, run it along the strand of hair until it’s colored, and if necessary, spray a little water on it to dampen your hair to help stain the hair.  Let it dry.  You can use a flat iron to help dry faster.  To remove, shake or brush your hair to dust out the chalk before getting into the shower.  Wash your hair, and voila, the color is gone!  You can find all kind of You Tube videos online to show you exactly step by step how to do it.  It looks good when the hair is braided and in ponytails.  Have a fun time with your chalk!  Be a princess or rocker!

Chalking Tips:  Use art soft pastel chalk; not oil based, Apply the chalk to dry hair first and if it doesn’t show up, dampen the hair.   Twist your hair before rubbing the chalk on it to make it stick better.  Make sure to protect your clothes and hands.  Wear gloves and a towel to catch any drips!