Director and Producer Michael Bay, has taken on a new job to remake “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” the movie!

This is great news for all of us Turtle fans, as it’s been too long since we’ve seen our favorite Turtle foursome in action!


But Michael Bay plans on making a few changes to the original premise of ‘how the Turtles came about’. In the original story, the Turtles (Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo) were just four babies, when they fell into the sewer, came into contact with glowing radioactive ooze, and became super-sized walking turtles with ninja skills taught to them by a big old rat named Master Splinter.

Now, in this new live-action Turtles film, Bay is going to make the Turtles ‘come from an alien race’, rather than be ‘mutated from green ooze’. Bay explained this ‘positive’ change to the premise at the “annual Nickelodeon upfront presentation” saying, “When you see this movie, kids are going to believe one day these turtles actually do exist when we are done with this movie, these turtles are from an alien race, and they are going to be tough, edgy, funny and completely loveable.”

Are you die-hard Turtles fans ‘okay’ with this premise change? Do you agree with Bay and his team wanting to change how the Turtles were born? If the comments in this video below speak for the masses, the new change isn’t exactly a ‘good thing’!

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