CALLING BS! Chris Rock ‘Freak Out Video’ Altered

A writer Jason Mattera, who is known for a controversial book called “Hollywood Hypocrites: The Devastating Truth About Obama’s Biggest Backers”, happened to be in the presence of Chris Rock at a Sundance after-party back in January.Chris rock freak out CALLING BS! Chris Rock Freak Out Video Altered

At the party, this Mattera guy, had not only asked Chris Rock for a photo- and Rock obliged, and then Mattera took the opportunity to ask Rock a question that you would think pissed Rock off so bad that led to Rock tackling the camera… but we call BS on this video.


n this video that has been altered and re-edited out of order, shows Mattera asking Rock “Why he called the Tea Party racist in Esquire Magazine?”, and before Mattera could get those last words in, Rock was made to look like he lashed out and pushed the camera away. A source tells us that Rock didn’t lash out, nor did he push the camera in madness. Our source says that “Rock just simply didn’t want to answer the question, and he actually ‘hugged’ the camera’. The video was altered, to make it look like Rock attacked the camera- and the audio was altered to make the effect even more intense for viewers.”

We noticed another thing about the video that was odd, the video was shot on January 23, 2012, but it wasn’t put on YouTube until March 7, 2012. Why would Mattera wait so long to put the video out?

Here’s the altered video of the incident, decide for yourself if it’s altered or not.