ORLANDO, Fla. — You have got to be kidding me right? No? Are you sure you’re serious?

Okay, I needed to get my own disbelief out of the way before I could write the rest of this story.


Now get this… Florida officials are looking into why an unemployment agency, spending public money, sent red superhero capes to 6000 out-of-work folks, come again?

Workforce Central Florida or WCF, coughed-up $14,000 worth of red capes as part of its “Cape-A-Bility Challenge,” apparently designed (not the cape, the program) to give the jobless the special powers to rid the world of “Dr. Evil Unemployment.”

Obviously this story is slanted, thus far, to make the Workforce Central Florida look a little wacky and who can blame most of the press doing the same, after all, it is a little wacky but, and that’s a big but, Workforce, dare I say, may be on to something here, stay with me on this one…

I did a little looking into WCF and these guys seem legit! They have conjoined over 56,000 with a job last year, not bad, and program director Gary J. Earl said he was just trying to “connect with the community” and I think they have succeeded in a BIG way.

I am wishing I had that cape right now! I’m being serious!