On Wednesday night’s David Letterman show, Eva Longoria was promoting her new cookbook.  She has compiled a book of family and her own recipes called Eva’s Kitchen.

She came out dressed in a blazer and tiny shorts that matched, and told Letterman that she had worn a tuxedo for him.  He jested back at her, “Or part of one.”  David Letterman told her she looked tremendous as his eyes bugged out a little.


Longoria was just asking for trouble wearing a low-cut, tight jacket with no shirt or bra under it.  Midway through the interview, her button popped open, and she caught it in time to avoid a serious wardrobe malfunction.

As Eva buttoned herself back up, Dave joked that they would lose their liquor license.  She just laughed and told him “You didn’t see anything.” So he just picked his jaw up, and continued talking about making guacamole with her.

With all the stylists that the stars have, it’s amazing someone wouldn’t have pinned her jacket together or taped it to her. It was obvious during the interview that she was uncomfortable, because she was fidgeting the whole time she was talking to Letterman.

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