Berlin Zoo, Germany, Little Knut made a huge splash in the media after zoo handlers showed him off as a cub. Knut had beat the odds, surviving after being rejected by his mother.

Since then Knut had grown into a picture perfect, seemingly healthy male polar bear. So why did Knut die yesterday at the young age of 4? Many are asking, could it have been from a broken heart?


Here we see Giovanna and Knut in happier times. The two shared an enclosure. The playful bears loved to swim together, sniff one another and generally goof around. That was back in October, 2009.

Knut took special intrest in Giovanna and can you blame him? When you’re forced to live in a zoo pen your choices are fairly limited.

Animal rights groups started freaking out demanding Knut’s castration because he was trying to hump Giovanna, his cousin. Hell my dog will hump anything, including the postman’s leg. Could we not have just turned a blind eye to this puppy polar bear love considering it was a miracle that Knut had even survived in the first place?

PETA would not leave it alone and published the following statement on their website:

Knut is sharing his quarters with another polar bear named Giovanna, who is his cousin, and PETA Germany is calling for Knut to be castrated.

Over 7000 news outlets reported the humiliating story of Knut possibly losing his manhood and his woman.

The pressure from PETA was far too much for the zoo’s PR machine to handle so they made efforts to shut PETA up by attempting to separate the loving bears. That was the beginning of the end for Knut.

Now Knut is dead but did he have to die? While the cause of his death is still unknown, many knew Knut had become depressed after stupid humans got all up in his business. Is it possible Knut died from a broken heart? What say you?