A lil’ pup named “Wall-E”, was one of the four siblings who were “put to sleep” because of an illness and shelter overcrowding in Sulphur, Oklahoma. Wall-E, along with his 4 other sibling pups were confirmed to be dead, and then the 3-month-year-olds were placed in a trash bin! Then a miracle happened…

On Sunday morning, an animal control officer looked into the bin and discovered that one pup somehow survived…Wall-E wasn’t ready for heaven yet!


Amanda Kloski, a veterinarian in Oklahoma has been caring for Wall-E since his resurrection. Kloski created a PetFinder.com profile for Wall-E so he could find a home.

Wall-E’s profile is cute like him, except for the end part…”He is a delightful Pup, about 3 months old, is surprisingly healthy except for a heavy infestation of Hookworm for which he is undergoing treatment.”

The ‘hookworm’ part may throw someone off, but they may love the fact that he was brought back to life- that’s the seller!