I’ll just close my eyes and pick one!

Iranian Haircut req'd

While the Iranian Women have to wear the dreadful, baggy “roupoush”, which looks like a black potato sack, the Iranian Men are required to wear a certain kind of crappy hairdo! This is a hair DON’T-what their government is telling the barbers to do to the townsmen when they come for a cut.


Iranian barbers have to tell the townsmen something like this: “Here are your haircut choices (shows the legal haircut picture)! No long hair, ponytails, spikes or crazy colors! Only these dreadful ones are allowed…but wait! You can have little gel on your sideburns. That’s A-Ok they said! My treat!”

Iran is claiming that their youth have picked up “Western Culture style”, and the women have as well, by wearing their roupoush a little more “form fitting”, which is ILLEGAL to do. They said the Men need to follow the haircut rules and pretty much go back to the old days style when man had not yet invented the “car”.

Let’s not forget the McCrazyton Iranian cleric who claimed that “revealing” Iranian women are the “cause of natural disasters like earthquakes”. I’d like to take this moment and reflect upon the nonsense and hilarity that was ensued upon us Westerners, and the YouTube community. He said a few months ago: “Many women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray and spread adultery in society which increases earthquakes.” Said Kazem Sediqi.

Standing ovation!!! Now a brief intermission……………………….Okay I’m back. Anyway…

The haircut photos that were released today in Iran, are part of a “journal of Iranian hairstyles approved by the ministry,” released ahead of the Modesty and Veil Festival later this month.

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If I had to really pick one, I’d go with the bottom one on the left! HAHA! Ok this isn’t funny if you think about it. I have to know which haircut you’d pick though! Do tell me in the comments!