Jermaine Jackson “Word to the Bad” Lyrics Disrespect Michael Jackson

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We are all sad over the loss of Michael Jackson, and how this must be affecting his family is inconceivable.

Michael’s brother Jermaine has now stepped in to the spotlight speaking fondly of his fallen brother and vowing to keep Michael’s plight for peace alive.

Speaking on his blog, Jermaine said, “The tragedy of my brother’s death is still with me. But in his death, I have found a mission for my life. My existence is now dedicated to spreading Michael’s message. Michael had a unique place in the world. He not only did good, but taught others how to do the same. This only magnifies his loss to the world. I want to make people aware of the humanitarian side of Michael. I want to show them how his true emphasis wasn’t music, or performing; it was improving the world. Understand this, and you begin to understand the essence of who my brother was.”


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Too bad it took Michael’s death for Jermaine to jump his brother’s bandwagon. It was in song and in public, Jermaine voiced his real feelings about his brother and they were not very nice, not at all…


Check out the lyrics to Jermaine Jackson’s “Word to the Badd…”

What up yo,
word to the badd

Been abducted
Don’t know who you are
They may love you
they don’t know you
Lonely superstar
never think about who you love
only think about number one
You forget about where you started from
You only think about what you want
don’t care about how it’s done
you only think about you, your throne
Be it right or be it wrong

It ain’t about your world
It ain’t about the things that you do
If you don’t care, I don’t care
Cause you keep thinkin’ ’bout you
It ain’t about you takin’ my pie
You been takin’ for a long time
If you don’t care, I don’t care
If you keep
Well I ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you

What up yo, word to the badd

Once you were made
You changed your shade
Was your color wrong?
Could not turn back
It’s a known fact
You were too far gone
You know I tried to be there for you
Like a brother I care for you
It didn’t matter you always play me off
You only care about what you want
You don’t care about how it’s done
You only think about you, your throne
Be it right or wrong

It ain’t about your world
It ain’t about the things that you do
If you don’t care, I don’t care
Cause you keep thinkin’ ’bout you
It ain’t about you takin’ my pie
You been takin’ for a long time
If you don’t care, I don’t care
If you keep
Well I ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you
Oh no no, I ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you
Oh no

What up yo, word to the badd

Thinkin’ about that pie that you’ve been takin’ from me
From a brother to another brother hard to believe
Lost and don’t know it yet you still show it
Givin’ seems to be harder than it is to receive
The glass has gotten shady, time to make it clearer,
Clean it up and lets start with the Man in the mirror.
Theres sadness there brother, aint no mistaken it,
Get a grip cause youre not far from breakin it.
Thinkin about the time when we used to be close,
It shouldnt be past tense, cause nobody knows,
What the future may hold, what tomorrow might bring,
Its not guaranteed that youll be spreading your wings

But meanwhile, I continue to smile, cause in the back of my head,
I know you’re still a child
You say that your a man, but that will never be.


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  • disqus_ZsmDHbsJLs

    Speak for yourself. Your comment is too general and you have to know each person in the world to make such claim. People can celebrate whom they like dead or alive famous or not. Also, How do you know who do not celebrate their own dead relatives? I know folks who do both.

  • Jim

    Word to the badd

  • Becca

    dirty little secret!

  • mjfan212

    this is a old song they got over it and Jermaine never released it he was upset at the time

  • Jermaine

    Hey Jermaine, we will give you a second chance if you will be the family member that fesses up.
    WTF, is with this “trial” of Murray?
    OK, we have a catheter? We have a “healthy” Michael at rehearsals the “night before”, we have a “hospice
    patient”, so…what were they giving the
    “hospice patient” to get him to
    ANY rehearsals at all? Morphine???
    Jermaine, you know the answer to your
    brother’s health issues, YOU were quoted in an internet article a year before Michael died saying he “didn’t look good”, your dad, JOE was also quoted saying the same thing.
    wtf is your money-grubbing problem? the
    truth WILL come out, so you could have the credibility of it coming from YOU or the first sibling who is shut out of the “newly generated funds” coming your way.

  • Just Mike

    …didn’t Michael supressed Jermaine “out”, when he took the lead at J5? And so took the Part of the pie” and “stole” it from Jermaine? I guess thats what Jermaine is singing about.
    I just feel sad for Mike having such siblings….the only one out of his siblings, whom I trust….is dunk Janet

  • Carolyn

    Jerealous has always felt MJ “stole” the spotlight from him. He is delusional enough to believe he could have been as successful as MJ if he had the right producer, and if the time was right. I don’t trust this living wax figure no further than I can throw his greasy ass. He has made every opportunity to try to make money, once again, off of Michael. He has been riding his brother’s coattails for years. If his wife is wealthy, then why in the hell are his kids still on his mother? He should raise his own bad ass kids. MJs kids have to be with Katherine considering the only parent they have ever known is now gone. Jergreasy has always been a sorry ass parasite. Man, why did MJ had to be the first to go?

  • Becca

    Why do people celebrate dead celebrity birthdays? I have always thought it brilliant on the part of the estates who make big money, but sort of an odd
    tradition as most people don’t celebrate the birthdays of their own deceased relatives or family members.
    We Remember them, of course and birthdays can be a painful time if you have lost a parent, sibling, or child.
    Just the idea that the families are getting richer off a dead person is what makes it distasteful to me.
    Instead of thousands heading to Graceland and spending thousands of dollars; think if on that ONE day
    MONEY-BOMB, all that money was spent
    on a charity for children, animals-
    wildlife, or towards the elderly who
    are alone somewhere in a nursing home.
    -So, I am remembering Michael always
    including his birthday-but will NEVER
    be idiotic enough to keep his estate
    and those responsible for his death
    WEALTHY-while there is so much need
    in the world.

  • tracy

    my favorites are michael marlon and janet micheal is my king marlon he is so funny i never hade the chances to meet micheal but i love to meet marlon janet shes my idol ass 4 letoya and jermaine ther to money hangary 4 my like ings happy 52nd birthday michael i love u more how much can one take!!! MAY YOU Rest In Paradise

  • i gotta say

    how can mj control the j5? mj was younger then,pft.and Jermaine knows mj had vitiligo,just when ur mad u say anything ya know? maybe he was just a bit jealous of his brother,the media made mj looked like a monster,so im sure he didn’t need it from his brothers ya know? but maybe jermaine should of talked to mj,if he had any problems with him,instead of insulting him,cuz now look,sone dummies now believe mj bleached now right?

  • interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

  • Becca

    WHAT happened to Jermaine? Did “they” finally manage to shut him up? Has anyone purchased the “Remembering Michael” tribute magazine. NOT Jermaine, but Tito Jackson speaks at the introduction about the “tragedy”.

  • Bayo

    This is the best song Jermaine sung, I believe is it to be the most truthful song he participated in. Everyone who got eyes and can see, Michael is a black and would have died black if it wasn’t for fame and fortune. Get read people he paid the price for his mistakes, now move on and learn from his mistakes and his awakening towards the end. Life is short and forgive others and don’t try to put people ahead of Our Father who arts in heaven!!!!!

  • dude

    Janet is famous because Michael is FAMOUS!!!

  • rishada

    Jermaine, how rude of you to criticize your brother. Your brother was an icon and you know that. No matter what. You’re suppose to treat him with respect. Even if unrelated to him. Michael was always the world’s greatest entertainer. Let’s face it. He was a legend. He cared so much for the world. He give over 4 million dollars to charities. He touched children all over the world. His goal wasn’t about fame or fortune. He don’t give a damn about those things but his family, his fans, and to those in need. So stop criticizing him. So what if underwent plastic surgery. Those lyrics aren’t very nice at all. They don’t mean a goddamn thing. So you need to let this mess go and stop acting a fool, Jermaine. And let you’re brothers and sisters down…and your parents. And having children with your brother’s wife. So F#%Kin unbelievable. All this s**t is going on. Not cool, man, not cool. Oprah and all them haters don’t give a damn about what you’re brother has done and you’re acting like one of them. Get over it, man, you’re wasting your precious time on doing something that effects your family. Don’t be so goddamn careless, Jer.

    – Let it go…let it go

    -Take care of your family and your brother.

  • Becca

    Rose, nothing that happened in the past was right,
    but the two kids were just that…KIDS. Do you have kids
    or little nephews or siblings? Do you know how easy it
    is to Manipulate a Child’s thinking?? And god forbid,if
    it is the PARENTS doing the manipulating?
    I would place the blame on the PARENTS, not these kids.
    And yes, they are grown up now, but they probably cannot even remember the events correctly. It was their parents GREED and you should hold the PARENTS
    Also, I KNOW Michael was innocent of the charges, however, he should have learned from the first
    accusation and not associated himself in this manner with children. As adults, we can help children and give unselfishly, but one cannot have sleep-overs with
    them! So, for the second accusation, I blame Michael.

  • ROSE

    Oh and I forgot one more thing to mention. I want all the people who ACTUALLY WERE VICTIMS OF CHILD ABUSE to look into the eyes of these two boys and to tell us…if they see pain, if they see torment…if they believe that these boys are saying. You can’t hide true feelings…I dare them to look into the camera and say that Michael was quilty ESPECIALLY considering the truth exposed by the FBI.

    okay…enough for today

  • rose


    QUITA…….this is for you. I hope this answers your question I found it

    Dancing the Dream is a 1992 book of poems and reflections by United States recording artist Michael Jackson. His second book, it followed his 1988 autobiography Moonwalk. Dancing the Dream was dedicated to his mother Katherine, and is foreworded by an introduction from Jackson’s friend, actress Elizabeth Taylor. The book also contains an assortment of about 100 photographs of the entertainer.
    Dancing the Dream was published by Doubleday, on June 18, 1992. The book received negative reviews on its content and prose, and was not a significant commercial success. Following Jackson’s death in June 2009, the book was reissued by the British publisher Transworld the following month.

    LARAY: you want to know WHY I want Michael’s accusers to be interviewed.

    Well its because I want Tom Sneddon, Diane Dimond, Martin Bashir, and yes even Oprah to know that two little bastards took them all for a ride. That they the reporters convinced themselves that they were telling the truth when in fact all they did was make fools out of themselves. I am so upset over this because an innocent man has been taken and his body now lays in a box..Laray…a F#%Kin box..WHY.. Accusing another human being of a crime and THEY WERE ALL PREPARED TO LET HIM GO TO JAIL WHEN THEY KNEW HE WAS INNOCENT and have three children without a father. Did Michael honestly deserve this?

    I know that the fans know the truth…but….two kids have caused SO MUCH DESTRUCTION….I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY….THATS ALL…WHY.

    you are probably right Michael deserves peace know….I feel that he has that….BUT…BUT…BUT.


  • Molly

    I am extremely jealous of everyone that had the privledge of experiencing the 80s. It was the best decade in music and it was just the best decade period. If I could have met Michael Jackson…I can’t even begin to describe what that would mean to me.

  • Laray

    Well that’s just really sad then. I knew his father was abusive, but I never thought he was that abusive. I’ve never read Dancing the Dream, I’ve only heard of it. I really wanna read it now!!! Oh and Rose, why would you want the press interviewing Jordan Chandler and the other accuser? Michael was proven innocent in quart so that’s all that matters. It’s over now. We should let him rest in peace. Us fans know the truth as does it family and the other people that want to make their jokes and view him as a bad person, can do so. We know the truth.

  • Quita

    Hey Rose: I want to know, was this book, Dancing the Dream published in 1992 by Michael. I found copies for purchase if anyone is interested on on different price ranges. Please take a look and let me know which one is the correct one. They have one for 164.00 and others ranging from 20 on up.

  • Barb

    Laray Says: “Hey Rose, “where is she when her son his being striped naked and oiled down so that his father can whip him with a belt.” <–where did you get that from???

    I also had heard this before.I watched an interview where MJ himself said it but he didnt put it quite like that,if I remember correctly he just said his Dad would make them put oil on themselves so the beatings would hurt more.I can't recall who was doing the interview,it may have been Oprah or Bashir.I will see if I can locate the link.

  • Rose

    Hello everyone

    Yes I did calm down but only a little bit. First of all to answer your question LARAY, on Sept 25 2009 Meredith Viera, from NBC Dateline conducted an interview with Rabbi Shmuley. He shared what he says were 30 hours of michael jackson interview. Please go to You can also try
    Listen everyone if you want to get into the mind of michael jackson, he wrote a book which I hear was written in 1991 and its hard to get it in North America. Its called DANCING THE DREAM.
    Michael wrote the book and from what i understand critics didn’t like it…however I found it on There are beautiful poems and reflections that Michael wrote about how he feels and thinks about God, his gift, children, nature and animals.

    I read the second edition of MOONWALK and as you all know Michael wrote it but what I want to mention here is that you know how people questions if his kids are his. WELL. GO TO THE BOOKSTORE….FIND MOONWALK…TURN TO PAGE 10….there is a picture of Joe jackson when he was in his twenties. HE LOOKS LIKE PRINCE. tell me what you think PLEASE.

    And last but not least. Where is the media….why don’t they go and find the two kids (now adults) who made the accusations. Why don’t they interview the parents. Don’t you people want to know if they got help for their ordeal, don’t you want to know how they are coping. I do….stupid assholes. Sorry everyone there I go again gotta cool off…talk later

    have a good day.

  • Bridget

    “Givin’ seems to be harder than it is to receive”
    I don’t understand what he meant by that. Michael was possibly the most generous celebrity that has ever lived. He wasn’t just doing all of those good deeds to get good feedback from the press, he was doing it because he actually cared. Cared more than most can understand. That entire song is just so cruel, untrue and ridiculous. He was a jealous, angry brother that was trying to terror Michael apart more than he had already been torn by the press. That is all. I don’t blame him or anyone else in his family for his death though. That isn’t fair. They couldn’t have done much to save him from the slight dependency he had on prescription drugs to fall asleep. I think he really did suffer than insomnia, he just went about treating it the wrong way. Could his family have stopped that? Probably not. He was a grown man, what could they have done? His death will go down in history as the biggest tragedy of people in the music industry of all time. This man, this genious, impacted people’s life the way no artist ever has. The reactions his presence caused was amazing and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I would say he is the greatest performer/songwriter/humanitarian that has ever lived. He did everything with so much perfection, he never missed a beat with what he did. He excelled and never allowed himself to be labeled as average. He was the best and still is. He isn’t a person that had to work at fame, it just came to him because of his extraordinary talents. Anyway, I don’t agree with a lot of what Jermaine is doing. Now he’s saying he wants to spread Mike’s messages? That’s bogus. He wants attention from the media and to persue his life long dream of being the best. Well guess what Jermaine? You will never be your brother. You will never be anything like him. He is FAR more talented than you are. That really is an understatement, but even more than that, he truly was a good person. Something that I am not so sure you are.

  • Laray

    Hey Rose, “where is she when her son his being striped naked and oiled down so that his father can whip him with a belt.” <–where did you get that from??? Are you making up stories because I've never heard those words coming out of Michael's mouth. I read his autobiography and he never mentioned anything like that. I agree with what you said about Michael and Jermaine being two completely different people. Michael was a generous, caring and very loving person that did not know of greed, while Jermaine was mostly in it to cash a check. And now he's making money off of Michael's death and pretending like he cares about the important messages Michael had been trying all those years to spread. It is nothing other than bullshit.

  • Sandi

    I listened to part of the song, couldn’t listen to the whole thing. 1, Michael did NOT change the color of his skin, and before people accuse, they should do the research. Also, I agree that every family hasd problems, but they don’t need to be put into the public eye. Michael’s name was drug through the mud enough by the media, his own brother didn’t have to release this song. It isn’t even really a song, but just a public tempertantrum caused by the jealousy of an older brother that couldn’t do what his little brother did. Why should Jermaine feel special, no one can do what Michael has done. Not just Michael Jackson the entertainer, but even more, Michael, the man. The man who though couldn’t resolve many of his own problem, reached out and helped so many others. If Jermaine wants to be a star so bad, he needs to go out and do it for himself. This supposed song is no more than a childish fit of jealousy. Just because we’re talking about the iconic “king of pop”, we have to remember that Michael is still just a human, with imperfections and problems like the rest of us, and we need to remember that. Jermaine, get a life, one of your own.

  • darkchild

    True – we do get mad once in a while with our siblings, but I dont sing and write a song and tell everyone about it.
    It just seemed a childish thing to do.
    I think he intentionally tried to bring MJ down a peg or two. It was enough that the media was already providing bad stories about MJ to also have your brother do it as well.
    Anyway who is to say that given the chance to make profit of MJ someone in the family would not do so.

  • I recently met papa joe here in las vegas. He was very soft spoken, nice guy. Well I’m sure it was a real trip to live in that family dynamic. As far as Jermaine goes I’m sure he was just pissed at MJ when he wrote this, hey we all get mad once in a while…

  • darkchild

    Rose – you cooled down yet? I bet not much eh.

    This whole thing emotionally is annoying. It hurts to think that a brother could even think to write such lyrics and song about his own brother. I guess Jermaine wanted to bring Michael down a peg or two, challenge him.
    However, yes Jermaine chose which way he had to go and that was to stay with Motown when he married Gordy’s daughter. It’s a choice he made and Michael made his choices. Simple. I do believe Michael still respected his brother no matter what.
    I agree that the family should have been much more forceful in getting Michael some help. If it meant no 02 concerts based on saving Michael then so be it. Ones health is more important. Instead the AEG promoters etc, Dr Murray etc got there first and look what happened.

  • Becca

    Good points Rose. Michael was an adult and I don’t know if a family can intercede into another adults life, even if it’s a family member. But, the family keeps going back and forth with their explanations. They either didn’t know he had a problem, or they did know he had a problem and blame the enablers. Is it
    guilt? I think the ONLY one that could have helped was Katherine. Michael would have seen her I believe. She could have found out how serious the problem was. Maybe she could have had him committed to rehab, as his mother, or even called Adult special services if things were amiss. You would think they would have done it for the CHILDREN if not for Michael!
    Jermaine was BROKE in 2008, and now he is getting royalties out the a.., AND singing backup on remix
    songs. HOW did they all arrange this?! Seems to
    fit nicely and I for one, am not fooled by his evil
    crocodile tears.

  • rose

    hello everyone

    I have done a bit of research about Michael and I wanted to share some of with you. for starters, from my understanding the only thing Janet took from Mike was advice: which he gave to her freely when she asked him. I believe in my heart of hearts that he was proud of her because she did become her own star and I don’t recall Michael’s name on her material. She didn’t need it, she took his advice and she became successful and if you read the 1993 Grammy Speech he says that he is very proud of her.
    Michael forgave his father supposedly but I wonder if joe jackson really understands how much he hurt his kids especially Michael. Was it really necessary to throw michael into walls and hurt him for things he hadn’t even done at the time. It was bad enough that a young child had to watch whores half naked in nightclubs. Wasn’t it bad enough that Michael lost everything at a tender age. Did joe jackson ever say he was sorry to Michael. After all its because of michael and his brothers that they have what they have. (where is his mother in all this….where is she when her son his being striped naked and oiled down so that his father can whip him with a belt. Jermaine jackson choose to leave the jackson five and he was Michael’s right hand man. Michael didn’t leave him HE left Michael and his brothers. So what the F#%K. Where does he get off thinking that michael took everything for himself? I have a ton of things to say everyone but I just get really upset at the whole thing. MICHAEL DID NOT NEED TO DIE, IF HIS BROTHERS AND HIS FATHER REALLY CARED THEY SHOULD HAVE STORMED INTO THE NEVERLAND RANCH AND GRABBED MICHAEL BY THE COLAR AND GET HIM THE HELP HE NEEDED…..THAT PEOPLE HIS LOVE. You need to understand that the so called ENABLERS should not come before a brother.
    Jermaine has no interest in spreading Michael’s message BECAUSE michael and Jermaine do not speak the same Language.
    One speaks from the HEART
    the other speaks from his ASS


    I promise to write more after i have cooled down.

  • R£X1

    I have read these past comments and i have done some research i have been a MJ fan for a while and was devistated by his death i haven’t reas tht book tht randy wrote but i have seen plenty of interviews read news stories and MJ was talented musician but i also was amazed by the things he did like charity. the news stories that the media made up upset him and many of his fans the molestation charges his family was there and supporting him when he isolated himself off i believe it was due to shock of what he had been through i am a true MJ fan i love his music his brother jermaine may of been jelous and made this song and latoya aswell was probably jealous of Michael but i think he may of forgivin them but his father beat Michael and he didn’t like him for it. Im gonna leave it at tht tata all

  • Kate

    Just one more thing, after watching their show I realized that none of them had the determination that he did. All they ever do is argue! None of them had his talent either. Janet is the closest one, but she still wasn’t quite as talented as him. I haven’t read this book you’re all speaking of, THE MAGIC, THE MADNESS, THE WHOLE STORY WRITTEN BY RANDY J TARABORRELLI, but I’m going to. I’m sure about half of it is all lies, but I will still read it. I don’t think Thriller made Michael have a really big ego. Most of what you people said was all bs. I must say that I have a lot of respect for what mmn said.

  • Becca

    Hey Jermaine Jackson, why don’t YOU explain yourself?
    You have no trouble showing up at every award ceremony or having your kids to show up when nobody wants to see your
    ugly mug. Tell us Jermaine, WHAT did you mean by these
    lyrics? And while you are at it, wear something of your own style, not a Jackson 5 shirt or an imitation of Michael’s style.

  • Kate

    umm…wow. I honestly don’t know what to say to this. I never heard of this until now. I did some research and found out this song was recorded during 1991. What controversies could they have had then? That was the year he released Dangerous, before the allegations, thus before the addiction he had with prescription drugs. I don’t understand this. These lyrics are just so cold. The lyrics made me feel so sad. I don’t know if Jermaine was just jealous and doing what he could to receive more fame and fortune than his brother, or if he said this as a way of reaching out. I don’t think in ’91 MJ was isolating himself from his family though. That came later. He made Michael sound like such a selfish person that only cares about himself, but that’s obviously not true. He supported 39 different charities. I don’t think anyone can deny that he cared more about others than he did about himself. And now Jermaine has some reality show that he claims is for the fans? What fans?!? I think he’s taking every available oppurtunity that there is to make money off his brothers death. Now he’s talking about how he’s trying to spread Michael’s important messages? It doesn’t make any sense! Part of me thinks that Michael could have done something that was wrong back then, to trigger Jermaine’s writing these awful lyrics, but then again, could it have just been through jealousy and spite? Who knows. I don’t think anyone will ever know. I’m huge fan of Michael and his music and dancing and I’ve tried everyday to truly understand him, but guess what? It’s proven to be impossible. I guess that’s just the way it is. He will always be a mystery to me and to all of the other fans that claim to know him so well. I think he was a wonderful person that was taken advantage of by greedy people, but as for the rest…I have no idea. No one does. They just claim they do. Anyway, R.I.P. MJ I will always love you. I may not ever understand you, but I will still always love you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Anonymous

    Michael and janet are the only two with talent…..the other jacksons are as phoney as Micheal’s nose

  • itstoolate

    maybe Michael Jackson was tasered.

  • Guess Who

    Here’s another good one:

    Definitely check that one out.

  • LookAtThis

    Here’s a site where you can wish Paris Jackson a Happy Birthday.

    Very cute idea

  • Guess Who…

    And yeah…I did notice that it was one of Jermaine’s kids who had a taser playing around with Blanket?

    Where was the adult supervision in that home?

  • Guess Who…

    Well well..mean ol’ Mr. Jealousy strikes again. Here’s a message from the somewhere out there…I can only image the horror of Michael’s last moments at the hands of some deranged murderer with a physician’s license. Thre was no peaceful death. Michael as a smart man. Smart enough to have hidden camera’s all over his home. Why didn’t big brother Jermaine, (or the rest of the Jackson family), seek help for his brother if he was as concerned as he types online? There is no way that this so called doctor administered a lethal dosage of a sedative by accident…Did he sit down next to the bed and cubate the IV and observe the process? Or did he fall asleep?
    A qualified physician would not have administed an IV if he/she were at the point of exhaustion that would make him snooze out? Was he also abusing Propofol? (It would not surprise me at all).

    Michael taught us that love and peace were the answers. Someone else taught me to forgive.
    But…someone else taught me that sometimes you have to fight to be heard, cause a bit of stir just to be you. Can’t kill us all. If I am wrong I would rightly admit it. Michael was murdered. No big comeback, say goodbye to your Jackson 5, farewell Right-On!, your King is dead… Guess again. The truth will come out, in the meantime…If someone like me can’t even visit his place of rest that cockroach doctor best steer clear of the place as well.

    Accidents happen.

    Rest in peace Michael.

    Why is this man not locked in the deepest, darkest dungeon on Earth?

  • Sandra

    “Michael Jackson, The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story” J. Randy Taraborrelli. Although some of the content is disputed this is generally concidered a reasonably trustworthy document. Randy had known Michael since the two of them were in their early teens and had a close relationship with him at various times over the years.

    “Unmasked” by Ian Halperin is most definitely not a trustworthy document!!! Mr. Halparin claims to have met Michael once…barely. I belive he pretended to be a hairdresser. Michael fired someone from his staff when he learned that person was dating Mr. Halparin and feeding him gossip. His piece of fiction belongs in a shredder to be used to line the cage of someones pet rat!!!

  • Sandra

    #85 Written By juney on February 28th, 2010 @ 1:22 pm
    “I often wonder why MJ’s mother didn’t step up and help MJ; he would have respected anything his mother asked him to do, he loved her so much. I think the entire family let MJ down; Janet, where were you? Marlon, Jackie? I think Tito was the only one who genuinely cared for his genius brother, Michael we love you always.”

    The women in the family DID try to help MJ. He REFUSED the help. His mother had insisted that he get help. My understanding is that Michael would insist he was fine, that there was no need to worry and that he knew what he was doing. Whether it was painkillers or surgical sedatives, Michael had long term chemical dependancies that controlled him. Tragically, there were also people in his life that enabled his habit. Michael had the resources to shut people out that he didn’t want to deal with…including family. He frequently changed his phone number and would tell his security to keep certain people of his property at various times over the years…including family. People DID step up! Michael pushed them away! He desperately needed help and was in denial. He allowed his addiction to own him. Michael’s family loved him and he DID love his family, but he loved his addiction more. This is not a new story. Millions of families experience this with a family member(s) every year but most of us don’t have our personal issues aired in public for millions to comment on like arm-chair quarterbacks. And most of us don’t live on gated and guarded properties with the resources to keep people away. It’s incredibly tragic that Michael didn’t get the chance to turn his life around and finally get the help he desperately needed. As long as he was alive, there could have been a chance. As we all now know, 8 months ago that chance was taken away from him.

    R.I.P. Michael.

  • Mable

    Jermaine brought that ThomeThome is MJ his life, and MJ has to escape with a deadhoax, and let Jermaine believe
    he is really dead. Surprise MJ is coming out in june.

  • nita

    The music industry is messed up. I bet they start to put pressure on Janet. The Jacksons have years in the music industry and lots of hands in there pockets, hands that bullie and take even though you owe them nothing. Michael stopped working with his family because bullying hands was takeing there money just like they do to the rest of these artist try and control there lives and money. This is what michael was trying to tell everyone. The Jacksons Have a HEAVY HEAVY BURDEN AND DEBT TO THE WRONG PEOPLE yOU CAN SEE IT IN THERE EYES THE PAIN AND SUFFERING. May God Bless You And Protect you. I totally see whats going on now. Maybe Jermaine is being bullied to bully his family.

  • themagicsinheaven

    J. Randy Taraborrelli is one of our most highly acclaimed biographers, and the author of thirteen books including the major bestsellers Madonna: An Intimate Biography, MICHAEL JACKSON, THE MAGIC, THE MADNESS, THE WHOLE STORY , and Once Upon a Time: The Story of Princess Grace, Prince Rainier and their Family. His most recent biography is The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe.

    This is one of the best books that was not written by MJ.
    It highlights quite a bit about how the brothers and yes Jermaine, always screwed with Michael head. They consistently wanted more money and he was the main bread winner. Very good read and it also mentions what Jermain did to MJ with this song “A word to the Bad” and the book that was intended to destroy MJ reputation there after. This was a plan concocted by Jermaine! His flesh and blood…a brother.
    An understanding as to why MJ kept to himself at Neverland and ignored his family for quite some time.
    None the less, he patched things up to a certain degree a few years before he died, with his father Joe too. This in the book too.
    I think some people might be getting this book mixed up with that piece of s**t “Unmasked” by Ian Halperin,
    No one respects this guy in the entertainment industry……however, Mr. Taraborrelli, does have that deserved respect…

  • itstoolate

    Or did they put Michael in debt to the wrong people.
    @Juney, maybe Jermaine bullies his own mother.

  • nita

    Michael stopped doing shows with his brothers because they would s**t him out of his money everytime. Michael got tired of that,I’m the big brother and you do what i say. I think Jermaine and Joe was in debt to the wrong people and Michael was the sacrifice.

  • juney

    I often wonder why MJ’s mother didn’t step up and help MJ; he would have respected anything his mother asked him to do, he loved her so much. I think the entire family let MJ down; Janet, where were you? Marlon, Jackie? I think Tito was the only one who genuinely cared for his genius brother, Michael we love you always.

  • NITA

    Jermaine is mad because Michael wont let him s**t on him. People like this make me sick!

  • nita


  • juney

    I think Jermaine is coming around to see that the only way to reconnect is to continue MJ’s legacy, and he won’t accomplish that by sucking up the limelight. J5 were nothing without Michael; listen to their early albums with MJ in the lead; they were a great backup band but that’s about it. MJ all the way forever.

  • bizzygal

    @ dani, and themagicisinheaven, esp dani:
    A true Michael Jackson fan wouldn’t believe anything they read in that horrible Randy Taborelli book. It’s full of exaggerations and just plain falsehoods. All that stuff about how Michael fed crazy stories about himself to the media to generate publicity is not true. He was hurt by all the rumors, and he hated being called Jacko, so why would he deliberately put stories out there that depicted him as a freak and a weirdo? When have you known Michael Jackson to be “harsh” to his family or anyone else, for that matter? When Jermaine wrote this song, his own sister publicly accused him of molesting children, and his ex-wife bad-mouthed him on national tv, did he ever respond in kind? No, he behaved, as always, like a gentlemen. Also, what evidence do you have of his “huge ego”? The Michael I saw was always humble and down to earth. If I’m not mistaken, that Randy Taborelli book also implied that Michael was gay, which a true fan would know to be absolutely false. I’m not trying to personally attack you, just making the point that if you are a “true” Michael Jackson fan, that Taborelli’s book is not a “must read.” It’s no different than all the other lies the media has put out there about him over the years.
    That being said, Michael was a stubborn man who trusted the wrong people and was quick to cut off people who cared enough to say no to him. But publicly airing your family squabbles is not the way to do things. If Jermaine cared so much, he and the other 4 brothers would have stormed Neverland, dragged Michael out, and put him in rehab themselves.

  • antione

    were u pissed when micheal died i was i was so mad and angry r u mad because i am the king of pop i love all his songs

  • courtney

    Whoa! when I read the beginnings of your post, I thought
    Jermaine Jackson was writing on the blog! LOL!
    Love you too, Michael!

  • Anonymous

    I hate Michael Jackson……
    I hate him for taking ahold of my mind and my heart and my feet as a young child in the early 80’s and making me want so badly to be like him. For making me more popular because I knew his dances better than the other fellas in my little click. For him continuing to release album after album with songs that made you move-whether you wanted to or not. You see….I also felt like Michael had forgotten where he came from. That he was trying to be caucasian rather than the African American he was born. Then the reports came of him having vitiligo and I hated him even more for not just speaking up for himself earlier when people would talk about him. I think I hated him most when I saw THIS IS IT because it showed how human he was….and he had never really showed us that side of him before. But what I hate him most for, is that he left me with the annoying certainty that there will NEVER, EVER be another Michael Jackson again. Ever.
    Michael Jackson was a star that went supernova far too soon….unfortunately it left behind a BLACK HOLE named Jermaine that is trying to suck up all it can in his absence!


  • rrrr

    Nice song!! whatever problem is there is between the 2 brothers no one has any say or place in between. I dont care what side you take sometimes you just have to let 2 people figure it out. Good song though Jackson talent for sure….(Jackson did need help he was not all there mentally it seemed…)

  • Anonymous

    Nice song!! good for older brother to put little brother in check. Poor michael did have mental issues you can see plain as day every talented person has some kind of chemical inbalance…..

  • themagicsinheaven

    Thanks Becca! :)
    It does seem that MJ never asked for anything from his family.

    @cory and @cautious, very well said!!
    I too have read many of the “Better” books on the Jackson’s.
    THE MAGIC, THE MADNESS, THE WHOLE STORY, BY RANDY J TARABORRELLI is fantastic and really gives us a sense for how the family dynamics were. There is a piece in the book that talks about the time after Thriller was made and Taraborrelli went to visit the family for an interview at the Enceno house. It states just how toxic the environment was, as the family was not talking to each other and grudges where everywhere.
    It was a time when a lot of Joe’s secrets came out, and MJ fired him as manager, and Janet left to get married( A sore spot for MJ as he felt betrayed, he never saw Janet as a girl, but rather a best tom-girl buddy, so when she left for marriage it destroyed him…he felt he lost his best friend)
    So a lot was going on in MJ’s life back then and I think it is part of many reasons why he broke away from them. I totally know he is not perfect and is not an angel, but rather very stubborn.( Which may have been helpful in the music industry)I think it all comes down to so many let downs since childhood and on, until the end. I think he sort of abandoned friends because he was scared they would hurt him eventually, so he just did it first before they could let him down. It is about trust, which he learned as a child, that trusting someone gets you hurt. In his mind anyways. He did have a lot of let downs in many ways, and from so many very low stooping people including his family. After all is said and done, MJ is a product of what he was shown and taught.( Not his talent, that is all MJ naturally)
    They made him, we made him, he reacted, he closed the doors with him inside his own walls.Very deep down inside, he was always asking for help, he just didn’t know how……all one has to do is look in his eyes from childhood until his last days.
    Everyone should keep a close eye on how many times you hear or see in pictures, videos, MJ sitting in a corner, in the dark alone. There are interviewers who would say, ” I was looking for MJ, and he was there all along, I didn’t see him…he was sitting in the corner on the floor by himself” There are a tone of similar comments like this from other celebrities too, ” I went into the dressing room to grab something, and there was little Michael sitting in the dark alone”
    ” I found MJ sitting in the shoe closet in the dark”
    See the pattern?
    MJ was over looked as a child who needed help, they only saw the money. So back to Jermaine…I really don’t see the same hurt in his eyes, that torturous kind of hurt MJ had.
    I miss him very much and simply wish he had been able to finish what he started.

  • Becca

    Themagicsinheaven, Beautiful screen name.
    Thank you for writing this. There are a lot of young Michael Jackson fans who are not aware of the history of Jermaine and Joe Jackson’s greed and their game on Michael. I would NOT watch or purchase anything with
    Jermaine Jackson’s name attached. Our younger family
    members are knowing the WHOLE truth about Michael’s life and these two leeches.
    I cannot believe how fast JERMAINE has tried to step up
    to try to be Michael…who is allowing this?
    Yes, the magic is now in heaven, and it would have helped all of us to know that while he was on earth,
    Michael could have come to his family without them
    WANTING something from him.
    It was so very telling, when Michael came back to the
    states, that he stayed away from them as long as he
    could. All kids no matter the age, miss their parents
    and Michael loved his mother..but to even be by his
    own mother, he had to deal with Jermaine and Joe again.

  • themagicsinheaven

    OMG! Very nice @ pissedaboutmichael!!
    I loved it!!! You so nailed it!
    I agree with it all, and I too watched the A&E show, and it was a disgrace how Jermaine treated the rest of the brothers. Remember,,,, “You all can just shut up” That was nasty! I guess he was showing us his true colors! I think a lot of the celebs are starting to see his colors too! Hence the real reason he had to cancel the “Tribute”. No one wanted to be a part of it!
    I am pissed too that MJ died young, and did not get to finish what he started.

  • themagicsinheaven

    I remember this whole thing quite well.
    I also know that Jermaine has been upset with MJ since childhood, because of when the family noticed MJ could sing better, and then Joe put MJ as the lead instead of Jermaine. Jermaine also broke his ties with the Jackson 5 when they wanted to leave Motown to go to CBS so they could write their own songs, Jermaine chose to stay with Motown. MJ was very upset with this.
    So, as time goes on, MJ had become very successful and Jermaine, to this day really can’t stand it.
    He wanted the attention MJ got, the fame, the notoriety, the talent.
    This song was very mean, MJ had been ignoring the family before this song came out, because many times the family would trick MJ to signing contracts to do things he really did not want to do. And the Jackson 5 thing was something MJ was so tired of. He wanted to stop performing as the J5 and to get on with growing his talent to do other things. He also had wished his brothers could find their own way to explore their talents and manage on their own too. Unfortunately they seem to never be able to break from this pattern of, needing money, asking MJ to do more J5 concerts, over and over.They depended on MJ for everything.
    The family, including Joe and Katherine had done some mean mind games with MJ to get him to do these concerts. One thing they always knew worked was to “Attack him with Love” Had a few tears too. They used his need for love against him at times. This is part of the reason he build Never land too. His own place to escape not just the media, but his family’s consistent pressure, and games. Joe had sued MJ before too! So did so many people, as most of us know.
    But one thing I wanted to state was that MJ very rarely sued anyone! He did with Pepsi of course, and opened the MJ burn hosp.
    Think about this, how often did we ever hear or see this behavior from MJ? The same tactics taking by his family to mock him and destroy his good name in front of the world? What family does that? Especially when it is on such a great public scale?
    MJ was not only upset by Jermaine’s stunt, but very embarrassed.
    And for the record, MJ had Vitiligo and Lupus, the family knows this very well. Jermaine knew that he could get attention by making those statements about MJ skin and his race. It is shameful that Jermaine could stoop this low! And yet MJ did forgive him.
    So who is the better man in the long run?
    I think it NOT be Jermain.
    And yet Jermaine still causes some uproar in the family even after his brother is gone.
    I think the only one who has not screwed over MJ, is his sister Janet.
    Jermain had no right to smear MJ’s name and reputation in front of the world.
    And it was released, but MJ put it to a hault along with the book Jermaine had also created against MJ.
    So Jermaine say’s “It ain’t about you takin’ my pie
    You been takin’ for a long time” It really is just that! He is jealous and never got over it. Just another saga MJ had to deal with in his life!


    Yah this is definantly about Michael because he says “look at the Man in the Mirror” uh if Im not mistaken I KNOW that is a song on the Bad album arent I right? Wow….just like always…Jermaine is thinking about himself.

  • ConradMurray

    have you seen yet?

  • June

    Obvious from all Jermaine’s appearances since MJ’s death all he was interested in was and is self-promotion. Where has he been for 30 or more years? Surely not out on the road entertaining like MJ; Jermaine sponged off his family all his life and is now sponging off the memory of MJ. Can’t stand the guy.

  • amy

    that is the most stupid and disrepectful song. if the family has issues they should not advertise to everyone and work it out themselves.they should have talk about it and should have been for micheal

  • itstoolate

    Jermaine and Joe Jackson are scary!

  • Quita

    @Sugar…we are talking about JERMAINE. Michael may have forgiven, but the focus is on JERMAINE. What made you think that JERMAINE didn’t try to focus the attention at the trial. He just HAD-TO-BE-THE-SPOKEMAN for the family. Jackie is the eldest brother, Rebe is the oldest sibling, Joe, head of the family. Got it? Good. If not, let me throw this one at you…how about Janet? As greatly popular and a star in her own right as her big brother Michael. She was right there with the rest of the family. And ask anybody that’s been there as Michael with certain members of the family, As long as they can keep coming to the golden goose, they would have bleed him dry. His generosity made him an enabler. And in most case, they feel that they are entitled. Thereby, it didn’t matter if they failed at any attempts they made, Michael was going to get them out of their problems. They never learned and they didn’t plan on ever learning had he not put on the brakes. Trust me, a lot of them might have gone butt ugly with him when he stopped bailing them out. And that type of resentment don’t wear off easy for some with attitudes like JERMAINE.

  • Barb

    @Sugar.I watched Jermaine on the Larry King show back when he was promoting the tribute he was putting on for Michael in Vienna.(Which didn’t happen of course)When I first heard this, I thought, what a nice thing to do for his brother until at the very end of the show he said the proceeds of the tribute concert would be going to HIS charity,not Michael’s.That kind of irritated me a little,the tribute was going to be for Michael so the proceeds should have been going to Michael’s charities,not Jermaine’s!!If this isn’t using Michaels death,then I don’t know what else you would call it.I don’t have much time for LaToya either but I have to give her some credit,atleast she is doing charity work for Michael’s charities and not her own.There had to of been some jealousy of Michael back when they were first starting out,especially when their father was always telling them to do it like Michael.I am sure Jermaine has always had some resentment over this.Michael distanced himself from the family because they were always trying to get him into some kind of deals he wanted no part of,especially Joe,they all filed bankruptcy numerous times and Michael had to bail them out.Maybe he just got tired of being used.I am sure Jermaine loved Michael as much as he is capable of loving someone but I get a feeling with him he always has a hidden agenda behind everything he does.

  • Sugar

    Im quite sure Jeramine would have jealous of his brother replacing him in the Jackson5 thats natural instinct, and lets not forget that michael was distant from his family no matter how much he loved them so of course Jeramine would’ve thought that Michael ditched the family after going solo, but this was a long time ago. Im sure he would’ve changed. Also didnt Michael say that he had gotten over all his past problems with his family? If he could forgive his abusive father, im sure a jealous brother was nothing compared to that. Michael has a big heart. Also dont forget that Jeramine came to help Michael during the 2005 trial. if he was into making money/fame he would’nt have wasted his time there, he could’ve just gone straight to media and said he was pedo like LaToya. Also, i dont see why Janet and LaToya are doing tributes but they dont get paid out but when Jeramine does something ppl say “he’s after money”. Wot’s in it for him if he wants his brother buired in Neverland? Jealous maybe, but he’s not the only one, all of michael’s siblings would’ve been jealous, but Evil i dont think so.

  • Quita

    I like to say…THANK YOU…to Barb and Marla and especially, Clyde. Plain and simple, you guys hit the nail on the head. The only thing left to say here is, Marlon, Jackie, and Tito is still grieving. They don’t have the “heart” to do this without Michael. The only one caring about this is JERMAINE. I think before Michael died, these plans were in the making for ALL OF THEM to do a type of COMEBACK thing. Though he’s not here, they’re obligated to complete certain terms to a contract or be sued. And the deadline is approaching them fast. They, are simply not ready. As performers or brothers. Grief is grief, you can’t put it on hold. And nothing that great is going to change it.

  • Marla

    Barb you’re so dead on! I have respect for the rest of the family except for Joe Jackson and Jermaine Jackson, these two individuals are as low as the come. At least Joe accomplished something with his children but Jermaine will die thinking he is important and close to perfection, this just shows how envious and jealous he was (and still is) of Michael. I just hope he doesn’t interfere with MJ’s children normal development. RIP Michael!

  • Barb

    Well said Clyde N!I watch the show mainly for Tito,Jackie and Marlon.Whenever Jermaine’s segment is on I turn the channel.This guy actually had the nerve to say in the last episode he wasn’t perfect but pretty close to it,that just about turned my stomach!He needs to come back down to earth and not be so self centered,I think his egotistical attitude is turning alot of people off about the show.As for this song he wrote,I realize it was a long time ago and Michael supposedly forgave him for it but I also heard somewhere Jermaine refused to apologize to Michael for writing it.Maybe if he had, I could be more understanding towards him.You are so right about the brothers performing in those xxx clubs,they were way too young to be in such places,my god we don’t even let our kids that age watch such garbage on television let alone seeing it in person! Between the brothers bringing girls to their rooms while Michael was told to pretend to be sleeping and performing in such low life establishments,it is no wonder Michael had a hard time getting close to women in his life.I also can understand why Michael had plastic surgeries,when you get made fun of all your life,especially from your own parent who is supposed to have unconditional love for their kids,you actually begin to believe what is being said to you.He was no different than when someone who has anorexia and gets down to 50 pounds,we see them as skinny but they still see themselves as being fat.It is also understandable why Michael used bleaching creams,he had Vitiligo,I am sure he tried make ups at first but when the disease progresses it is easier to use the bleaching creams instead,make ups just wouldn’t blend as well eventually.I certainly do not believe he was ashamed of being black.With all the arguing on the show I can see why Michael didn’t want to perform with the brothers any longer,it was easier for him not to have to deal with the conflicts that way.Michael went on and did his own thing and did it well,the brothers had the same opportunities so they can’t blame MJ for it.Janet is the only one in the family who has any talent that even comes close to Michaels.Jermaine crossed the line being with Randy’s ex,I know she was just as much at fault but that is low in my book.You don’t sleep with your brothers wife/girlfriend whether she was an ex or not!Jermaine has no respect for anyone in his family.I am sure he seen this sort of thing going on with his father quite often while they were out on the road,I bet Joe didn’t just cheat on Katherine just the one time,Jermaine definitely takes after his Dad.These kids had a rough childhood and I think they all were affected by it in one way or the other.In my opinion Jermaine is as phony as they come,I always felt he stayed with Motown because he thought to himself… oh boy I am the boss’s son in law and with MJ out of the picture I can become famous,well that didn’t happen because Michael had the real talent and Barry Gordy knew it,he needs to stop trying to be Michael,Jermaine does have some talent but he isn’t Michael nor will he ever be Michael so give it up Jermaine!

  • clyde n.

    It is obvious that Jermaine is no good. Just the fact that he married his brother’s ex is a clear illustration of how wicked he is. And what kind of woman would do that anyway? From what I’ve heard, she has children with Randy. Therefore, the kids are 1st cousins and siblings. Thats twisted! What really gets me about the show is that he never wants to kiss his wife. He is alway bitching about lipstick.
    From what I’ve observed from watching the show, the brothers aren’t serious about performing. If they aren’t arguing, they are eating. MJ could not reach his goals with that type of lack of discipline behind him. As a performer, he was on a different page.
    I’m a big MJ fan. However, he had his issues also. People question why or if he bleached his skinned. My question is, why did he alter his features? The answer is simple; he was made to think that he was ugly. I’ve heard him mention how he was ridiculed by Joe concerning his looks, nose, etc.. Why was this kid singing in xxx clubs at such a young age? Answer, his father was only concerned with getting out of Gary.
    I believe that MJ got tired of being used by his family. I also believe that MJ purposely took out his anger on certain members of his family on occasion due to pass teasing, ridicule, etc.. He did this possibly by prohibiting the brothers from performing/recording.
    If you want to evaluate how MJ ending up in the condition that he did (like the song mentioned he would), you must look at how and why it all began. GREED !! He was prostituted! Moreover, he did not feel appreciated for sacrificing his life for his family. This is the main reason he was pissed with them.

  • Quita

    LOL…I think the angry one is you. Points of view is just like a butthole, everyone’s got one. I, merely stated what I actually read, what I actually know. That’s not being angry,that’s being truthful not misinforming the viewers. I live with this in mind… I don’t care if you like (or love) me, I like me(and love me) and it’s in GOD I trust, not Man. I may respect your opinon, but the final decisions have been always left in my hands. I may never be perfect by man’s standards, but I’m perfect in God’s eyes. Flawed with all of man’s sins, he’s never failed me. Too bad MMN won’t be reading this…ROFL.

  • mmn

    I never said mj was going around saying LOVE. Merely said it was his message. I’m wasting my time here, this site is for angry people. I never realised that i don’t belong here, you people don’t need consoling or a good word or anything like that. All you need is pointing a finger at someone, anyone. All you need is another angry person who will agree with you. That’s why this is my last entry, because i can live without it. I’m not a religious person but i know something about casting a stone. Is Jermaine perfect? Definitely NOT! Was Michael perfect? as much as i admire him, i DON’T think so! Are you perfect? NO! Am i perfect? 100% NOT! We all hurt somebody at some point in our lives, unwillingly or deliberately. Now imagine that all the people you ever hurt will never forgive you. Or people that don’t even know you are criticising you without having heard your point of view. Let me just tell you, nothing will bring us michael back. NOTHING! You go on hating and accusing and looking for a villain and being angry, if it makes you happy, well, good for you. my heart is screaming in anguish. Hatred makes me sick… anger makes me sick… , this WORLD makes me sick because it’s full of s**te and nobody is trying to change anything! Good bye!

  • Quita

    If you cannot tell me WHERE you read it MMN, don’t mention it. In today’s society of “SUING” I would think the Jacksons would have went there with this woman. They didn’t. Based upon factual information, base upon Jermaine behavior of the past and today, compare it with ANY FAMILY having certain issues, Michael may have forgiven Jermaine, but Jermaine, may have never forgiven Michael. It’s easy to kick a DEAD MAN when he can’t fight back. I, like many are merely observing. I, like others may have noticed JERMAINE is the PRINCE DIVA of their A and E show. @BECCA, you’re so right, Michael had enough going on in his world without others rewriting his life. I feel like his brother Marlon stated, “maybe now, they’ll leave him alone”. Too bad it would be their own brother, JERMAINE to capitalize on this tragic. And I’m feeling that somewhere down the line Joe Jackson is behind all of this once again.

  • Becca

    Have been reading the latest with interest. I don’t think anyone has said they are spending time hating Jermaine Jackson, it seems they are simply “OUTING” him for the jealous, despicable person that he is. Sorry, but his actions over the years, including pushing Michael on stage, speaks volumes. He has very recently pretty much tried to debunk all of Michael’s claims of being abused as a child. Michael WOULD have forgave him probably, Michael was too nice and trusting, yet that is NO REASON to rewrite his-story. Michael also didn’t go around saying L.O.V.E. every minute of the day. He used the term to show if he had to make a point, he wanted it to come across in a good way, not negative. Sometimes, NOT always, he said it as
    a parting. What I find so interesting is WHY so many people want to REWRITE his life ????

  • Anonymous

    @ quita,firstly, as you can see, i was quoting 2. i READ somwhere the book was written after Jermaine and she broke up, she was angry and said a lot because of jealousy. and you probably haven’t read my comment #53. I don’t care, if you want to hate jermaine, it’s all right, just wanted to show there is an other way to live too, without hatred. And again, michael forgave his brother, why shouldn’t I? I actually understood michael’s message, I’m not going to spend my life always hating someone. God Bless You!

  • Quita

    @MMN #50 comment. Apparently you did not do YOUR homework. I got the book by Margaet Maldonado Jackson, and according to Chapter 8, I quote” Jermaine’s jealousy of his brother had hit epic proportions by mid-1991″….the song had a decent track, but the lyrics were so vile that I initially thought it was some sort of sick joke… It was scary. It got even scarier when Jermaine told me that was exactly what he was going to do.” “He had written the song to put Michael in his place. Jermaine thought the song was the best thing he had ever done”.
    Yeah, that book still is around and I got it. Why don’t you find the book and try reading it a couple of times before you speak. And if you’re not sure about something, don’t confuse the facts to make that fool look good. Yeah, Jermaine is a fool. He would probably attack Janet’s character if he wasn’t afraid that she would whipped that azz.

  • mmn

    I’m not forcing anybody to take down the blog, just expressed my feelings. Jermaine likes the spot light, so? It doesn’t make him a bad person or evil, had his argument with his brother but they made up. BTW one of the top comments says it: “Look at them in the Jackson 5 video at the Motown 25 anniversary. Clearly, there was love there.” And Michael forgave his father too and what we are doing is arguing here and for what? Michael forgave everybody who hurt him, why shouldn’t we? His message was clear: love is all it is about. L.O.V.E.

  • Me

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

  • Courtney

    Common-law wife, enraged, you forget to add jealous.
    Oh, and he didn’t really want to write a book either.
    hmmm, I don’t hear any Jackson bashing going on..just Jermaine. If you try to force this person to take down their blog, I will put one up myself.
    Jermaine is still trying to..make his lies become the truth.

  • mmn

    Have you done your homework? This song was written in 1991, 18 YEARS AGO. “According to Margaret Maldonado, his former common-law wife, Jermaine wrote the song when he became enraged that his producers, L.A. Reid and Babyface, postponed work on his next album in order to work with Michael on Dangerous. Jermaine was unable to reach MJ by phone to confront him over the postponement, so he conceived a plan to put Michael in his place and at the same time draw attention to his own album….” The siblings made up long time ago. And to bossman, check out some pictures of mj where his make up was actually darker (in the 80s) than his skin colour (where the sweat washed down his make up you can clearly see it). He did have vitiligo, his brother wrote this song because he was bitter, so was quincy for michael chose not to work with him as a producer anymore and quincy never got over it! Jermain is fine, he had his argument with his little brother, show me siblings that never argued at some point or another. Bud siblings make up, just like in this case. Jermaine is genuinely hurt, he lost a beloved brother, leave him alone and to the one who posted this aricle…have you got nothing better to do but opening old wounds and make people hate someone? Maybe the creator of this site is a general Jackson hater, he maybe wrote crap about mj before and now he continues with other jacksons…

  • BS

    It’s funny how some people have the nerve to comment about something when they haven’t even documented or educated themselves on the matter. Bossman, just read the autopsy report and them come back here. MJ did have universal vitiligo and Jermaine is just a loser with delusions of grandeur!

  • bossman

    i am in awe as people when they love someone they never seem to believe that the person can do any worng . ok i love michael and his music but lets face it i think he changed his skin colourand didint have vitiligo and this is common reasoning . ok theres too many reasons to list here why but ok how wont your brother know when you are sick ,what about quicny jones interview about michael jackson not having vitiligo . you guys must be smart he bleached his F#%King skin and i think the jackson family are phonies and pretenders its just a shame but truth hurts .

  • Becca

    WAY to GO PissedaboutMichael. I am pissed, hurt, angry
    as well. There is NOTHING I will watch with Jermaine even close. LEECH!
    Please take your comment, and make a FULL PAGE BLOG about it, I think it about SUMS Jermaine up.

  • Barb

    Well said pissedaboutmichael!!

  • PissedAboutMichael

    “Thinkin’ about that pie that you’ve been takin’ from me/From a brother to another brother hard to believe”

    Jermaine calling Michael out about perceived earnings lost when Jermaine’s cuckolding his own baby brother (Randy)? Talking about getting pie taken when he’s taking someone else’s “pie”? Talking about being a mistreated brother when he mistreated another brother? Come on, ‘maine. You trippin’. Jermaine’s pettiness is completely TRANSPARENT: he named his son “JerMajesty” to top Michael naming his son “Prince”! I’ve read that Michael chose that name b/c it’s their grandfather’s name (or great-grandfather) and that’s a sweet thing to do. Jermaine had a gang of kids he could have named that way and he didn’t. He had kids before Michael and he didn’t play the name game, then. JerMajesty is a stupid name (and a form of child abuse–for Jermaine to be so self-aggrandizing) and clear evidence of Jermaine’s never-ending desire to beat Michael. The ONLY reason the Jackson 5 was hot is Michael. If you take away Michael, they don’t get signed to Motown, no string of hits–no Jackson brand. Michael is the star of that family and his talent and pain eclipses them all. Yes, I believe they loved him, but I believe they resented him as well. I believe they tried to help him, but Michael was too hurt to be helped–we all know that now.

    “But meanwhile, I continue to smile, cause in the back of my head/I know you’re still a child/You say that your a man, but that will never be.”

    That’s really lovely, Jermaine. Infantilizing and emasculating Michael… Sound like anyone else who craves the spotlight but doesn’t deserve it and has the initials J. J.? Jermaine had his own talent but not the appeal and he despised Michael for it. I read some other version of these lyrics in which most of it’s the same but at the end, it’s as if the person being addressed is a woman and I was fully offended.

    Jermaine has been all over when something involves Larry King or getting some individual shine. He was at the VMA’s–not even sitting with Joe–and accepting awards for Michael at the AMAs, promoting (I mean “introducing”) his sons onstage. It’s all about Jermaine. I thought this was terrible when it first occurred to me, but I believe he’s happy Michael is dead. I believe he thinks he gets to be the star now. Jermaine on that A&E show is a mess–did you see him say “You can participate in the tribute by supporting it”??? He as much as told his brothers it was his thing and they weren’t allowed. He didn’t show up for their promotional photo shoot and he loves to run off and be by himself. That’s why his nose is crooked, his skin is leathery and mottled, his hair looks like molded tar and his turkey-waddle neck has to be covered all the time with elaborate scarves and high or popped collars. Nature getting back at him for being so petty about Michael’s massive success, obvious pain, difficulty trusting people (including his own family, which wasn’t necessarily their fault–once you pull away, you lose perspective and don’t know how to come back) and problems relating to other adults about anything but business.

    Michael didn’t OWE Jermaine or anyone in the family anything after his dynamic abilities and charm put them on the map. He didn’t have to keep shucking and jiving to make sure they had money. Joe trained them ALL to perform and Michael took off like a rocket.
    Obviously, he didn’t live the life of Riley–he suffered, mishandled his public image, mutilated his beautiful face, attracted the worst kind of stigma you can have (child molestation accusations) and went into major debt–and Jermaine was hatin’ the whole way. To think Jermaine was trying to basically out Michael as gay in that book he never wrote with Stacy Brown (but Stacy made sure to dirt Michael by writing with Bob Jones–that’s another issue altogether). Nice. He was on LKL talking about it and then later acted like he didn’t know what it was. Please…

    I’m not going to act like I don’t judge and be all it’s-none-of-my-business-it’s-a-family-thing about this. I’m pissed that Michael is dead. I’m pissed that he wasn’t beautiful anymore. I’m pissed that he was running around with all those young boys and got accused behind it. I’m pissed that he got burned on that commercial. I’m pissed at the rumors about him and Clifton Davis… All of it stemming from him outshining people and being exploited as a child. I’m pissed at Jermaine for not being a big brother to Michael. He’s been one big sour grape and now he’s a raisin in what’s left of Michael’s sunlight. Boo, Jermaine! Boo to you. Michael was severely troubled and you steady hatin’. Don’t say you’re about spreading Michael’s message when you’re really about spending Michael’s (estate funds or money earned/perks received b/c of events and opportunities related to Michael’s passing) money.

    I’m so mad.

    And don’t say anything to me about this being a 20 year old song. It’s been known about all that time, too. If Michael’s spirit has to endure the weight of all the scrutiny and criticism he received, Jermaine’s hatin’ ass can come get a heaping helping, too.

  • Barb

    What a loser and a fake Jermaine Jackson is,he makes me sick!He has no respect for his brothers or morals,look at what he did to Randy!He is self centered,egotistical and has no conscience. The words to this song tells me one thing and one thing only,that is how jealous Jermaine really was of Michael.Michael wanted to go and do his own music,nothing wrong with that but Jermaine must have thought he should have stayed with them so they could get rich off Michael’s talent Jermaine was saying on their new reality show that the Jackson 5 made Michael,he needs to think again about that one,Michael had 3 solo hits at the age of 13, without his brothers! Michael did just fine without them!I wish Jermaine would end up with vitiligo,it would serve him right.Michael was proud of his race,why else did he do all that charity work for Africa??I really tried to like this guy but he irritates me to no end!

  • Courtney

    Well, I think Jermaine Jackson is one scarey man and who wears a Jackson 5 shirt right after your brother dies.
    Jermaine and Joe Jackson are scarey looking and secretive evil looks. I don’t know them and don’t WANT to know them, but it seems cool to hang out at an amusement park with Michael.


    @Scary Obsessed w/mj and Sans…here’s a little human fact for the two of you: correct nobody truly knows that family relationship was like…but the only one talking or boo hooing is JERMAINE. The only one that has taken “center stage” on anything pertaining to Michael is JERMAINE. The only one that made a MOVIE of the Jackson’s DARK SECRETS aka the “BEATINGS” was JERMAINE. The only one that boohooed about “leaving” him with Motown was JERMAINE. You need to watch his behavior on A & E. Nobody is acting an ASS on that show but JERMAINE. He’s SELFISH, INSECURE AND AN ATTENTION WHORE. And frankly, the well known personal part of his life leaves nothing left to the imagination. You sleep around on your wife and produce a child? You sleep with your baby brother’s ex and you produce children? He’s just like his father…a disrepectful whoremongor. Come on now. You just don’t get any lower than that. But hang on folks, I’m sure Jermaine will find a way.

  • Scary Obsessed W/ MJ

    I think that this was Jermaine’s way of helping Michael understand what he looked like and why those people were making comments about him but I do think that we can all agree that we love Michael and whoever makes him happy we like. I also agree with “I love you Michael”. That’s they’re family and they’re buisiness not ours. Were not also BFFs with Jermaine or Michael so we don’t know what they’re relationship was like. Love you Michael!! RIP I’ll see you someday.

  • Quita

    I hope I don’t know better…but I swear those lyrics are damn near a confession of Jermaine wanting MJ gone…damaged…dead. I shudder to find out him and Joe are behind Michael’s dead…Greed and egos are some s**t…

  • San

    I personally think ALL of us need to turn this entire Jermaine verse Michael bullshit aloose!! It happened OVER 18 YEARS AGO!! Michael and Jermaine FORGAVE EACH OTHER AND MOVED ON!! It’s NONE OF OUR BUSINESS and we need to do the same!! Sibling have disagreements and fight!! Get over it!! Michael NEVER needed anybody to get involved in his fmaily affairs and try to be his champion. In the end, the Jacksons are ALL about ‘Family” so BUTT OUT and stop making all of these judgemental and STUPID comments!! Michael and Jermaine loved each other and whatever disagreements they had is between the Brothers, not nosey judgemental irrationally IGNORANT so-called Fans! If you love Michael as you “claim,” then you would also love what he loved, namely his family! It appears you’re trying to do the exact same thing to his family members that the biased-racist-azzed media did to Michael!! Some “Fans!”

  • I love you Michael

    I think this is terrible, no matter when it was written. Besides the fact that it is so untrue, seeing this can only hurt his children. How can Jermaine even try to call himself Michael’s brother? Michael had some emotional issues, but obviously so does Jermaine. Michael had again obviously, reason to suffer from depression. Michael has done nothing but try to help people, and has gotten nothing but persecuted for it. He did have Vitiligo, and eventually evened his skin tone out, but who wouldn’t? For anyone who says they love Michael, but can even listen to this all the way through, let alone think about buying it, you should be embarrassed at yourself. Michael is the most pure and honest man since the Lord to walk this planet. And to think, he loved you, too. {I am so sorry, Michael, for all who think this is entertaining.}

  • Marla

    I’ve never paid any attention to Jermaine before, so to me this song was something “new”…and disgusting, cause no matter how much you disagree or argue with a sibling you never air these problems to the public. His intentions were not honorable at all, at that time he just wanted to take Michael down,by insulting him it is now that he realizes what Michael’s true colors were!Too bad!

  • cautious

    Randy Taraborrelli’s book critisizes Michael Jackson.
    Michael’s rise to fame started when he was young. He earned it because he was young and showed taleent and owned it. His creativity became his rise to fame and so on. The other Jackson brothers did not have the tenacity he had. Michael was a single entity charged with energy which he used. I am sure the family knew their sibling extremely well.
    I dont think he had an ego, he was very humble. I think the family weighed down on him because of the direction he was going. He just never gave up and understandably was not about to let anyone get in his way – a downfall maybe because there were people he should have shoved out of his life like the doctors.
    I would not recommend this book to any Jackson fan. Read Redemption and Aphrodites book if you want truth. I would advise also to read Katherine Jackson’s book and LaToya. It’s as close to the family you can get.

    The rest are made up stories and the reason I say it is, these are books that they could have written before he died. All of them cashing on his death.

  • DANI


  • kimberly

    well to me this is crap it shouldnt take for your own brothers death for you to say nice things i think that this is ridiculous if he really loved mihael those things would have not been said i think he should have thougth about that before he just goes into a hold bunch of bad talking about him i personally think he is just jealous!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Damn shame!

  • Cautious

    No matter what is felt or thought about the Jacksons, they are family and will always be so.
    The issue is the other leeches attempting to cash in on MJ’s estate. It got me so mad.

    Jermaine may have been bitter or hurt. He made a choice somewhere earlier when they were Jackson 5 to go his own way after he married Gordy’s daughter. It was accepted by the family. No-one judged him for that.
    He was wrong to write the lyrics in the first place. He should have spoken to Michael like a brother.
    MJ always maintained respect for Jermaine.

    Everyone has their own road to take – MJ simply took his. He was the youngest for a long time – it was his time to shine.

    Saw This is It last night. Despite this only being the rehearsals MJ was excellent. What a talent. We have lost a wonderful soul.
    The show/concert would have been brilliant.

  • tsbwalatum

    Jermain at the age of 54 is still living on charity..courtesy of his younger brother Michael Jackson. I don’t think he’s even greatful..and MUST be thinking it’s his God given right. As if that wasn’t enough; now we hear he’s pressuring his mother, and making deals Katherine hasn’t approved. The man has no shame – he made several journeys to Europe..on VIP (courtsey of MJ estate)treatment organising concerts that were NEVER gonna happen!? I fear for Katherine – this old lady is still deeply grieving for her (MJ) son. Jermain’s actions right now must be like a real thorn digging into her flesh. Jermain has no cencept or sense to realise that putting too much stress on his old mother might just finish her. I pray to God – Katherine stays (healthwise) strong – well after MJ’s kids are fully grown-up…and working etc. God bless Katherine and MJ’s children.
    RIP – Michael Jackson.

  • INES

    The power of the written word is inmense and lasts forever, cause paper stands the passing of time for centuries and centuries. I personnally dislike Jermaine, not only on MJ’s issues but the way he’s conducted his life (women, kids, work, etc). If they forgave each other at the end i do not know but the pain caused was deep and MJ was the super sentive type of person that took everything to another level and maybe his family was holding him too tight and that made him put distance between him and then. Too bad if he was almost “alone” at the end of his life (except for his children) but we all as human beings will some day suffer, enjoy, cry, laugh, get sick and die. RIP King of Music, you’ll be forever loved and missed.

  • Ina

    RIP Michael I’ll always love you and I’ll always love the Jacksons. Nobody, but your family is a part of your family. It is not anybodys place to comment on your family issues. With Love and respect I love you Jackson family one and all.

  • cautious

    To Elizabeth Galindo – you are absolutely right. That’s my feelings exactly as well.
    It was inevitable that he went his own way. He was far more talented and they had established relationships. I expect it was also why the father put so much pressure on Michael. He was the moneyspinner.

  • Elizabeth Galindo

    I feel that the Jacksons after MJ went solo it was their doom. There is something no one realizes, but MJ sacrificed, not having a family to be where he was. All of them established relationships and got married at a very young age. MJ did not have that!!! It was not realistic for the group to remain together. The irony of it all, in helping his siblings by doing the Pepsi commercial here he burnt his scalp its was the beginning of the end. He became addicted to pain killers. What Jermaine has its called guilt, its sad because he cant take it back.

  • Sasha

    Jeremaine if you really loved Michael as you say you would not be bugging your mum about the wstate that ws lefted for her and the children. Tell me are you trying to tke your mum out of this world or what. Stop hanging on Michael coat tail to make money go out and get your behind a nine to five job its not anyones place to keep taking care of your over grown butt. for me to you stop worrying your mum.

  • cory

    What’s real is real. Although Jermaine to me is a snake I do believe at that particular time he was hurt. But you would have to be blind to the fact that 20 yrs later everything he said has come to pass. the reason why I side with jermaine on this is because in the rollingstones mag. tribute to MJ John Landis, and Quincy Jones not only reflected on their collaborations and relationships with MJ and some other people said when they first noticed Michaels transformations and adressed their concerns for him. John landis said MJ didn’t talk to him for 2yrs. Quincy Jones said that even though they didn’t work together anymore he still considered MJ his little brother and tried to keep in touch with him to no avail. So MJ is not an angel. LOOK! how it all played out at the end isolated from family and friends and surrounded by enablers. That’s what he wanted it’s been also documented that people who worked for him in the past that had concerns for him he fired them when they wouldn’t do things that he wanted that weren’t necessarily good for him. He had people that truely cared and Jermaine lyrics were so on point when he said Lonely superstar) you are too far gone) only care about you and your throne). I love MJ with all my heart but because I love him I wish he would have not been so stubborn and let people in when they had true concern for him.
    As for Jermaine I agree with everyone else he seems to be relieved MJ is no longer around hogging his spotlight. He does come off as insincere and It has been reported that he has been pressuring his mother katherine to make certain decisions about her part of the estate and tribute concerts etc. but I hope it all blows up in his face.

  • Cautious

    I didn’t realise that Jermaine wrote this song. I agree that the family did not want MJ to leave the Jacksons but his solo career took off. What did they expect him to do? Well I am glad he continued – we would not have the Michael Jackson dances but a lot of synchronised dancing instead. Other thing it’s the way their father trained them. Michael in lead and they follow. That’s why they could not carry on for themselves. I also think that Jermaine had regrets on leaving the group.

  • Michael is missed

    I think the reason “The Jackson Five” never made it after Michael Jackson went on his own is they were not any good without Michael. Oh, they were sort of good, but not good enough to be what it takes to be superstars. I think Jermaine never forgave Michael for quitting them. He was always trying to get Michael to do another show with them. I am sure Jermaine was wanting to work but he should have gotten out and reinvented himself. I remember most of what went on in the Jacksons life because i grew up along with Michael’s music. I was the same age as him. Even as a child i could tell how extremely talented he was and the potential he had. I really feel the loss of him. It’s very hard for me to understand this feeling. It’s as if there’s a hole in the world. I wish he could know how missed he is. I am disgusted by all the money making schemes Jermaine is pulling out of his hat. After i saw the lyrics to this song of his i really have nothing but disgust for him.

  • WhatAJerk

    Wow. What a jerk. This explains a lot.

    I really feel for Michael’s kids. Wonder how Jermaine treats THEM? Kinda scary if you ask me.

    There’s a site where you can send a message to Paris ( I think everyone should do it. What kind of life do they have with that whacked out uncle hanging around?

  • Anonymous




  • dani

    jermaine was so jelous of michael. i can’t stand jermaine and latoya

  • i wouldnt want to judge him cuz i dont know him…but this is different man, did he said sorry over this? did he admit he was too judgmental?
    “”If you don’t care, I don’t care
    If you keep
    Well I ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you””
    MJ NEEDS HELP!!!! jermaine has no excuse to say he cared for his brother, he knows how strong and wild the media but he still wrote and publish that song…

  • sonja

    For years i wondered why they would never sing together i mean saw them in the early eighties when they came to Birmingham in the Uk. Then when michael did his Bad Tour i never quite understood why tio and Jermain were not playing with him Tito is a excellent guitarist if they got on the brothers would have been their playing percussion for him. but i think they were a burden on him. I do beleive they could have made a success on their own, without michael. but no that he is gone they will be succesfful if this doee not happen i will eat apple pie for a year

  • everywonder

    To San47di.
    God bless you.

    Michael had to lose part of him as a sufferer of that skin disease. If you had to, and people start saying you deliberately changed your skin color, how would you feel? This “skin bleaching” that the public and the media has come up with, is non-existent. They see skin lightening, and they put a label to it. And a completely false one at that.

    As for Jermaine and this song of his, I think it is a shame that Michael was surrounded by people like him. Even Joe, who took disciplinary actions on Michael to train him to be the “best that he can be”, attempted to be a nicer person later in his life (I still hate him for that though.) Jermaine claims today, that he has understood Michael all his life, but I think his true fans and friends understood and stood by him more than he could ever have. You can say all these things now, Jermaine, but we’ll always know what you are really about.

    I love you Michael. You are safe now.

  • Cathy

    I think that it’s wrong to judge another when you don’t know them (or their family dynamics) personally. After all, all we know of the Jacksons is how the media presented them to us. Michael would tell us not to judge absolutely. Opinions are fine, but we can never really know the whole truth about how this family felt about one another now, can we? To declare someone either an angel or a devil is more than likely inaccurate. Most of us are somewhere in between. Anyone out there who has never made a mistake regarding their relations with family?

  • itstoolate

    Two days after Michael died, there was a video
    clip on tv and now on youtube that shows Jermaine
    and Randy pulling up to the house. They are laughing
    and waving. I think that alone, without Jermaine
    having written this song and the manuscript that he
    was planning on making into a book says EVERYTHING
    needed about him.

  • noire


    I am still siding with Michael on the fact that he cut off his family because he did not want to be used anymore. Just remember that Jermaine and Joe go out there signing deal before they ask him. It’s very sad. the way I see it I understand why he did not trust his own family. It makes me wonder of howm many time have they done it to push him to that point. Frankly if I had sibling like jermaine and latoya I would probably cut them out of my life too. I understand they’re family but how much can one take?

  • Dani

    Well, first off, I have to say that this is a really good song! I couldn’t help but nod my head to it. This coulda been a hit! LoL

    Anyways, on a more serious note, I’m not too sure what exactly to think about this. I’m not sure if Jermaine was really a jealous, cold hearted brother or just one who had concerns. If you listen to the end of the song, it seems that he is just concerned. He says things like “turn back before it’s too late,” and “pick up the phone, you know who to call.” If we go back in time, we have to remember that Michael did have a serious problem with plastic surgery and prescription drugs. When Jermaine speaks about Michael’s change of skin color, it may be out of ignorance. We have to remember that medical technology and knowledge was not as widespread as it is today, and I’m sure that after truly understanding Michael’s condition, he felt bad. Yet again, no one of us knows what was true and what was fictitious about the life of Michael Jackson, and if what is claimed was true, I’m sure it hurt Jermaine to see his baby brother falling into the ways of “fame”.

    At the same time, I a concerned with his methods. There is a rumor that like LaToya, Jermaine was preparing to put out a tell-all book about his family, emphasizing Michael’s life and troubles. This shows me that there was clearly a feud going on between the two brothers. I won’t exactly say that Jermaine is a jerk, but the method by which he chose to express his feelings was wrong. Michael was already under the spotlight and furiously written about, so such a public display of disapproval was the wrong choice.

    I feel as if we need to leave this issue alone. We all have brothers and sisters, and I’m sure we can all attest that siblings don’t always get along. Yes, there is jealousy and envy, especially in a show business family where everyone is compared to one another. They all beefed with each other and disliked one another at some point, but death has a way of putting everything in perspective. We think that it’s ok to hold onto anger and grudges because we never think that one day that person might be gone; we always think we have time to forgive. The reality, unfortunately, is that one day it might be too late. I’m sure that all the Jacksons, Jermaine included, regret some of the decisions they made and wished they had reached out to Michael more, maybe they could have saved him from himself. This is a family in mourning, so let’s do them a favor and let the past be the past.

    RIP Michael Jackson–forever in our hearts.

  • Cathy

    I gotta agree with those who say there is probably some truth to Jermaine’s lyrics. I can see the whole situation from both sides. I do believe people in the family were constantly trying to coerce Michael into doing deals that he didn’t want to do. I beleive that greed and jealousy existed. I also believe that real love existed. I understand why Michael wanted to avoid his family at certain times during his life. I can also understand though, why the family was hurt at Michael’s actions or non-actions at certain times too. It must hurt when it takes 3 weeks and talking to 20 people to get through to your own brother or son. Yes, I see that the brothers needed Michael in order to make money for themselves, but I also see that they were worried about him at certain times and could not even get close enough to him to really talk! Look how it all ended up. Perhaps if Michael could have found some way to let his family in, they could have helped him in the end when he was in dire need.

    I think both sides did some really insensitive things over the years. It’s all very sad, especially when you believe as I do, that the love between these people was very real. The money and fame they all worked so hard for really corrupted their relationships in the end.

    Michael seemed to take pains (especially in the last 10 years or so) to separate himself from his family at all costs. I thought it was sad that at the 30th anniversary show he refused to even do an interview with them. It was like he was on one side and they were on the other. These people were more than just a singing group — they were flesh and blood! And yet when Michael faced molestation charges, his family was with him in court every single day. Some configuration of siblings never failed to show up, and on verdict day, every one of them was there. And then after he was acquitted, he took off and isolated himself once again and they could not even get in touch with him! That had to be hurtful no matter what way you slice it.

    Every family has squabbles, and the Jackson family squabbles were magnified for all the world to see. I believe that Jermaine and La Toya and even Joe genuinely loved Michael and that he loved them. Everybody is flawed, and I’d say there is blame to go around on all sides.

  • yojomaine

    Jermaine is a jealous wannabe. I have
    stopped watching all programs that
    interview him, especially Larry King.
    Larry King knows that Jermaine did write
    this song and the manuscript that was
    equally ugly and hurtful towards Mike.
    Jermaine is now trying to appear like he
    cares/cared..he is a grifter with mediocre

  • Noire

    Sorry Steel, I guess we just going to have to agree on disagreeing on this one. I don’t buy that Michael jackson controlled the Jackson 5’s. Remember that he agreed to do the victory tour with them after the burn incident while he was working on his solo career just so that they could have money because they were all broke. Although, the hole thing was big mess from the start with tickets sale and other things. Plus, all of the siblings did do solo career and people just couldn’t buy their music. The Jackson name is worth something as long as there is the name Michael or Janet in front of it. Let face it the’re the talented ones and the siblings just can’t take it. MJ signed the 3t’s and they had great success overseas. MJ is a great business man who knows how to take advantage of great business deal when he sees it plaine and simple. About Paul M. on the beattles catalogue, He had his chance earlier, he could of gotten it for 20 million less and he didn’t a business deal is a business deal. I think maybe it’s time for P.M to stop whinning about it and to just accept the fact sorry. For God sake he married a gold digger and did not sign a prenuptial aggrement. MJ did not hide the fact that he changed his phone number every here and there I would too if everyone wanted just to take advantage and use me. Who goes around and sign contract deal(Jermaine and Joe)take the money before asking his brother if can do it or not. Have you ever start to think that maybe MJ did not want to associate with them on the business level? Jermaine is not a good business man just like his father. he’s filled with greed and dishonesty. I am not saying that this family does not love eachother I am sure they do. It’s just that sometimes in the family you have winners and losers. Marlon is also much happier being a realaste agent in San Diego he has distanced himself from his family just like MJ, Janet…


  • Steel

    Everyone knows that families have their squabbles with each other, sometmes they get downright brutal, but that does not mean they dont love each other.

    In the lyrics of word to the badd, it does sound like a hurt jermaine, very much so,not a brother that wants to just trash his brothers name for the hell of it. Ive heard several of the family members talk about how hard michael was to access,and I’ve saw many pictures over the years. with all of the brothers but michael.Even for the 2002 30th anniverary interview on CNN,everyone was there but Michael. Michael even though being the most talented Jackson did not have the right to control all of his and his brothers work from the jackson 5/jacksons. If a lawsuit of some sort Wasnt held over their head, I could never see the other brothers being as inactive as they had been, not performing unless it was with michael, or they were performing all non-jackson 5 material. I love Michael to death, but real is real….there may be some truth in what Jermaine said And aside from all the money that Michael made, look how easy it was for him to flip Paul Mccartney’s freindship off for Michael just to make more money, and it was paul that tried to give him the advice on how to grow his money! Paul never did get over that, but still had kind words for Michael on David Letterman recently.

    Just had to put my 2 cents in it, but that being said, I think it was petty to try to bring a peice of nearly 20 year old history back up; they could have forgiven each other 20 times over since word to the Badd was writen. Let sleeping dogs lie!

  • San47di

    Let’s get something straight. Michael had no problems with being black. He was PROUD of his nationality and color. Michael had Vitiligo. It changes the pigments in your skin, developing unsightly large light & dark patches.

    For years Michael tried to use make up to match the dark portions of his skin, but after a while this no longer worked. He wore the “glove” to hide it on his hand and tape to hide it around his fingers. Fans thought this was a part of his costumes or a fad, but he was actually trying to hide the portions of his skin that had turned white.

    Most people with Vitiligo go thru a process called “depigmentation”. It’s a type of surgery that gets rid of ALL color in the skin to EVEN OUT the tones. People that go through it have very bad Vitilago. Michael had it really bad so he had the Depigmentation process done. It really hurt him to have to do it but it was the only way to alleviate the problem. As an entertainer he couldn’t appear on stage with a patchwork face and body.

    Sad thing is Jermaine knew darn well that Michael had vitiligo, and to make fun of it and him during that song was down right rotten!! I can certainly see why Michael distanced himself from “some” of his family members. Jermaine was a jealous butt-wipe!

  • Noire

    To me, everytime I see Jermaine on tv, he comes accross as insincere. Just watching him gives this an easy feeling. Perhaps, because it’s all an act. I think to him, the death of his brother is just another way or opportunity for him to make money. This is the guy who beats women, slept with his own brothe(Randy) common in law wife to have not one but two children, he is an opportunist and a narcissistic jalous brother with a cold heart. If MJ was so bad, why didn’t he kick him out of that Encino compound where he was living and still live with all of his family? He lived off his younger brother and still wanting more even after his death. He’s going around claiming that he going to give all the money from the Vienna concert to a charity that does not even exists. He’s just like he’s father. Going around making deals without consulting with his siblings.In fact the concert might not even happen because the people who supposely have to perform where not even asked in the first place. It’s sick.

  • San47di

    I’ve always heard that Jermaine was truly “jealous” of Michael based on the fact that he used to be the lead singer, and later Joe Jackson made Michael the sole lead. I can believe that. However, it was Jermaine who chose to leave the group and remain with Motown. It’s not Michael’s fault that he was blessed with more talent then Jermaine. I think the song was vicious, and had Jermaine actually released it, it may have spelled the end of what little popularity he managed to have and possibly his music career, because in a “public” fued with Michael, Jermaine would surely have LOST that battle.

    Granted, I’m sure Michael forgave him. However I also think that he’s not really interested in promoting what Michael believed in as much as he wants to place his own name back into the limelight, and using Michael’s legacy to do so. I also don’t believe that he was as close to Michael as he pretended to be on CNN Larry King Live. He certainly wasn’t Michael’s “protecter” as he claimed to be. Michael, although stressing his love for all of his family, clearly was closest to Janet and his Mother. He trusted the two of them more then all the others.

  • RayVi

    If MJ controlled the Jackson 5 and Jacksons catalog and names then he controlled if the brothers could tour with the music or not. I always found it strange that they could have made tons of money touring without MJ but chose to stay home and not benefit from their own songs. Could be what Jermaine means by “taken from me”. Not to make excuses for them they should have had a plan B.

  • I thought Michael had vitiligo and that is why is skin changed. Gee this “fame” world is so fake. Everyone stabbing everyone in the back, even their own family. Can’t tell what is wrong from right from wrong. Does talent really have to come with so much baggage?

  • judge not

    This song is almost 18 years old. Michael obviously forgave his brother and his sister for that matter. Please move on and stop dragging up the past.


    This may sound harsh, but there may be some truth there. MJ was out of touch, and his family could not reach him.

    It’s always been a rumor that MJ hurt Jermaine with a record deal….so there is a backstory here for sure.

    And hey, MJ DID change his shade. That was 100% true.
    The song was recorded, but not released so in the end Jermaine relented.

    Look at them in the Jackson 5 video at the Motown 25 anniversary. Clearly, there was love there.

    Only a hurt brother, not an indifferent one, writes something like this!

  • luvmj

    and i thought he was a nice big bro!
    first papa joe then latoya and now jermaine. i wonder who else in his family hurt him. feeling so sorry for michael