A family residing in Leeburg, Va, say they rented their home to Michael Jackson and his entourage for 9 days.genthumb

In 2004 Jackson’s people contacted the family asking if they were interested in renting their home to the troubled star and his peoples. At the time, Jackson was embroiled in legal woes and needed a hideout.


Del and Robin Walters say Jackson saw their home featured on the cover of Washingtonian Magazine while Jackson was shopping at a Safeway market. The Walter’s then received a call asking if Jackson could stay at their home, they agreed. Del Walters said, “I thought it was the right thing to do. Everyone was looking for him he just needed a place to stay. Shelter from the storm.”

It is unknown how much Jackson paid to rent the home for the 9-day stay.

Jackson had full run of the house along with his three children, nannies, chefs and bodyguards. The homeowner and his family left the premises and stayed at a hotel.

The family is speaking out on what Michael Jackson did while he stayed at their home which includes taping the windows shut from prying eyes and when asked of any suspected drug use, Robin Walters said, “There was something making him sleep, don’t know if it were drugs but something to get him off the world for a moment.”


I find it curious the family has any idea what Jackson did to go to sleep, due to the simple fact they were not present in the home. Maybe it’s not all that strange they are commenting on what Michael did while he stayed at the home, it seems everyone else and their mother wants a piece of Michael now that he is gone.