The 19-year old country superstar who’s latest album, “Fearless” has sold over 2.1 million copies in less than 2 months, opened up to Glamour Magazine about friendships, fame and moving out on her own soon.


She also took some pretty nice pics for the magazine which you can check out below!

Glamour: OK, you were the top-selling artist last year. That’s incredible! Do you have any idea of what a huge accomplishment that is?

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Taylor Swift: When I get news like that, it just blows my mind, because I’ve been trying to do this all my life. I remember the girls who would come to talent shows and say to anyone they met, “I’m so-and-so—I’m going to be famous someday.” I was never that girl. I would show up with my guitar and say, “This is a song I wrote about a boy in my class.” And that’s what I still do today.

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