The Jonas Brothers‘ new TV show, Jonas , on Disney Channel is not quite as popular as American Idol or even the 1am repeat of your local news. Seems that the show is having trouble  competing with the Saturdaynight Nick shows.

jonas brothers Jonas Brothers moving to Sunday Night


So now they’re being moved to Sunday night. Not horrible considering that so many other shows would have gotten canceled but maybe the Jonas have a little more juice than fan favorite “My Name Is Earl”. With a summer album on the way it’s possible that the Jonas flame could be reignited across America one more time but most likely this sparks the beginning of the end for the brothers band. Seems like the fan base is getting older and getting introduced to Green Day and Eminem.

I mean Hanson had the same Beatles-esque run for  like 1 year and a half  back in 1997 and they still do well. So there’s hope yet, and if all else fails there’s always the country fair circuit.