POLL: Should Adam Lambert Accept Clay Aiken Apology?

Michelle - May 23, 2009

Should Adam and Clay kiss and make up? As we reported here on ThecounT.com, Clay pulled no punches when expressing his feelings on Mr. Lambert using colorful words like, “Awful,” “contrived,” and “frightening.”

We want to know what you think!

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Kiss and make up?

Kiss and make up?

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Clay Aiken Backpedals from Mean Spirited Adam Lambert Comments | VOTE: Should Adam Lambert Forgive Clay Aiken?
  • realloverofalltypesofmusic

    Actually, Aiken has produced quite a few gorgeous recordings, but if you’re not on Top 40 radio, some small-minded children (who claim to know a lot about music but actually know NOTHING about genres other than their preference) think you don’t count. There are a lot of big names in the industry who know what Aiken can do, has done, have worked with him & want to again, & guess what? Some of them hated RING OF FIRE as well.

  • musiclover

    Isn’t it obvious that Clay Aiken was gifted with a voice but he knows nothing about music? What he does know about is petty jelousy. Adam Lambert can sing all types of music and he is dedicated to art. Aiken has had…what 6 years!!!…..and produced NOTHING of importance or remotely as interesting as Ring of Fire. Rant over!

  • handyandy

    That picture is hilarious! But just to clarify, Aiken wasn’t expressing his feelings on Lambert, he was expressing his feelings on Lambert’s performance of “Ring Of Fire” which was, come on now admit it, pretty weird.