Is Adam Lambert Really Elvis Presley Reincarnated?

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Could it be? What do you think?


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  • Lora Stock
  • Magnus

    Yes, Adam is undoubtedly the reincarnation of Elvis! Got those goose bumps when I first saw him on the Oprah Show, saying to myself: “Elvis is back!”

  • JOJO

    Whether he is gay or not he sure has his actions and personality as a performer and great showmanship. His eyes look similar. His nose,, and his body are similar. But who cares really they both are good in there own ways.

  • Sheamaxx

    Elvis? Definately not!

  • Sheryl

    When I first seen Adam, I seen Elvis, they both have the same light that draws attention to them. It is like magical.

  • Danny

    Adam is F#%King gay
    Elvis did not
    Many people like.
    Tomorrow we learn that Bill (Tokio Hotel) is the reincarnation of Hitler Adol … Why? Because it is the same nationality. Doh!

  • kelly

    Absolutely yes. The first time I saw Adam I exclaimed “Oh my god, Elvis came back as a gay jew.” (Had no idea @ the time Elvis was jewish.)

    It makes perfect sense, Elvis was a known womanizer, with girlfriend after girlfriend. It’s like god himself said “You”re cut off! No more p—- for you!” Boom, he comes back gay.

    (Some guys I know better watch out, heh heh. Karma.)

  • semra

    totally, my sexy babe ADAM LAMBERT is relly the second ELVIS PRESLEY. Everything about them is possibily the same, except ADAM eye color is hotter….. ADAM# 1, ELVIS#2, anyways love them both

  • Kurt

    When I see Adam Lambert Perform on stage , I see Elvis Presley !

  • Laurie

    Adam is definitely Elvis reincarnated. No kidding. Same January birthdays, both their mothers/grandmothers were Jewish (Elvis wore a Chai necklace by the way), both were ridiculed by mainstream media for their “vulgar” t.v. performances, both have charisma and talent out of this world, both have the “IT” factor. So many other interesting facts in common also (redhair dyed black, for one) and many others.

  • Me

    this is ridiciolous, adam is not as talented as elvis, so he is not the reincarnation of him.

  • Ang

    I definatley think it is possible, remember Katy Perrys cape when she came out, like Elvis with Adam’s name on it, freaky, I am telling you as a gay woman the only man I ever thought was handsome was Elvis (Daughter fine too!) and this Kid is beautiful, I think it may be more than a possibility ask Sylvia Brown, she mentioned something about this in the San Fran paper within a year after Elvis died, will come back as a blonde boy and will take the world by storm as a singer,
    Me and my wife just luv him can’t wait for the CD

  • Beatrice

    In the middle of some song Adam Lambert’s lips looked and moved EXACTLY like Elvis and there is too much of a similarity for him not to be the reincarnated Elvis! He dyed his hair black when his hair is naturally blond and reddish as well! So, I say, yes, Adam Lambert IS the re-incarnation of Elvis Presley!

  • Brian Quinn

    Adam Lambert will never become another Elvis Presley. No-one ever will. They simply have not got the talent or charisma.

    Elvis was truly sui generis.

  • Ya, he looks likes Elvis. But one thing for sure he is as talented as Elvis Presley…