on November 27, 2008


LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Celebrity Paris Hilton was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence early Thursday after “driving erratically” and failing a field sobriety test, police said.

She was pulled over in Hollywood about 12:30 a.m.

“She exhibited the symptoms of intoxication,” LAPD spokesman Irv Isabella said, reading from a written statement. (Watch Paris Hilton after arrest — 1:14)

The DUI charge would be a misdemeanor. Hilton has been released on her own recognizance and is scheduled to appear in court at the end of the month, at which time she will learn if she will be charged.

Elliot Mintz, Hilton’s publicist, said Hilton was not intoxicated. He said she had “had one drink” and hadn’t eaten all day, and the field sobriety test showed “the very absolute lowest reading you can possibly get to warrant being taken in.”

He added that she had been up late working on a music video, in the second day of shooting.

“Of course these matters are never to be taken lightly,” said Mintz, who noted that it is “unfortunate she was behind the wheel of a car even with one drink.”

“It’s her first offense and hopefully it will never happen again.”

Mintz said sister Nicky Hilton and Nicky’s boyfriend, actor Kevin Connolly of TV’s “Entourage,” picked Paris up at the police station in Hollywood, according to The Associated Press.

In June, Hilton had a fender-bender accident when her Range Rover backed into a car in a parking garage after a shopping trip, AP reported.

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on November 24, 2008
on November 20, 2008
on November 20, 2008

Rachel Zoe Robbed!

Celebrity stylist and star of her own hit Bravo reality show, Rachel Zoe has been robbed of goodies from her lavish West Hollywood home. Due to this sad news, Zoe has decided to up her anty and move to a home in the LA high rise; well I’m jealous.
Rachel Zoe is known for dressing your favorite celebs in the hottest vintage fashions;

maybe one could signify the burglars from them wearing the latest haute couture vintage dress. Zoe is scared for her safety (and probably all the picketing) and didn’t waste anytime escaping West Hollywood.

on November 19, 2008
on November 19, 2008

Tyra Gives Gift That Keeps On Giving

isis b 154x299 Tyra Gives Gift That Keeps On GivingUS Magazine

Tyra Banks surprises Isis King, the first transgender contestant on America’s Next Top Model, with sex reassignment surgery in an episode of her talk show to air Tuesday.

“This is not happening!” King, who was born Darrell Walls, says when Banks introduces her to Dr. Marci Bowers, a leading gender reassignment surgeon who has experienced the surgery herself. Bowers is paying for the surgery.

“[I feel] like I’m about to wake up,” says King – who lived in a homeless shelter in Maryland before trying out for the show.

The 22-year-old hadn’t gone under the knife yet because she couldn’t afford the $20,000 to $35,000 price tag. Watch her tearfully explain putting off the surgery above.

“It’s hard. I try not to think about it because it is something I’m really passionate about,” she says. “I feel like I really was born in the wrong body, and it’s just the one thing that makes me feel uncomfortable.”

King wouldn’t allow photos of herself as a male shown on the 11th season of ANTM, but reveals them for the first time on The Tyra Banks Show.

Why was she hesitant about the pictures?

“I look at it like yes, I’m the first transgender contestant, but okay, lets move past it now,” King explains. “I’m just a woman trying to compete just like everyone else.”

on November 18, 2008

Can ya tell there’s “No Excitement” and “No Passion” in Britney’s life?

britney gallery 2 300x191 Can ya tell there’s “No Excitement” and “No Passion” in Britney’s life?

Next week on Nov. 30 @ 10pm, you can watch Britney’s new documentary where she tells the world that there is no excitement or passion in her life. She also mentions that her life is like a being in jail… with no bail out! Brit lastly said she feels like people aren’t really “listening” to her.
Maybe ya’ll can really listen to her if you pick up her NEW album “Circus” in a store on Dec. 2
Check out the full Britney Documentary on MTV Nov. 30 @ 10PM
We’re Excited!

on November 17, 2008
on November 6, 2008

Tila Tequila ‘Mums’ on Relationship at Fred Segal Fun

Last night in Santa Monica, Fred Segal Fun hosted the “Company 81” launch party for their new clothing line. The party, which was hosted by Adam Gregory from 90210, brought out some of Hollywood’s hottest stars.

Tila Tequila, who showed up dateless, refused to comment on her recent breakup with Courteney Semel. She said, “I don’t like commenting on my personal life anymore because no matter what I say people change it anyways.”

So does that mean she won’t be talking about her rumored fling with Justin Long? Tila giggled like a little schoolgirl and said, “I can’t comment hehe!” We tried.

Cameron Goodman from AMC’s hit show “Mad Men” made a cameo on the carpet with Bobby Campo (Final Destination 4), and confessed that they are officially an item.

        ‘The Hills’ star Holly Montag, Heidi’s sister, talked to us about the upcoming episodes of the hit show. “It is going to be about what I am going to do with my life. Am I getting a job? Where will I live? Out of my car? In a dumpster?” She obviously won’t be living in a dumpster or a car. Her Chanel bag told the story.

As the avid Hills watchers know, there had been tension with Holly and Spencer Pratt lately, it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing since she moved into town. So does she approve of her sisters relationship with Spencer? “Heidi is adult enough to make her own decisions. I support whatever she decides. I’m still gonna put my two cents in. Whether she likes it or not, I’m gonna tell her what I think.” Holly said.[singlepic=118,320,240,,right]

This of course led into the famous Heidi and Lauren Conrad tiff topic. We asked Holly what she thinks about the drama between the two, to which she replied. “I hope the best for their friendship. I had a blast living with them and everything was cool, but when I left the house, things went crazy. But now they’ve made up since then. They have been friends for years and they will mend if they can just put their problems behind them.” Holly said.

Holly also admitted that she IS dating someone, but wouldn’t reveal who the lucky guy is. But she did say he might be on the show! Something to keep a close eye on!