CONFIRMED: Beyonce Jay Z SNUBBED The Wedding

It has been confirmed! Beyonce and Jay Z did not attending Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s much-publicised and long-awaited nuptials, opting for a quiet weekend in the Hamptons..

jay z solange-fight

Was it is simple miss or was it a flatout diss? Comment below!

The pair, instead, decided to head to the Hamptons during the Memorial Day Weekend holiday, sources tell Us. (Vogue’s Anna Wintour also declined their invitation due to a family obligation.) source

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Sarah Michelle Gellar On Kimye Vogue Cover: “I’m Canceling My Subscription

Talk about blow back!! Sarah Michelle Gellar did not mince words when addressing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s first-ever Vogue cover on Friday, March 21, shortly after the Anna Wintour-approved April issue was revealed.Sarah-Michelle-Gellar

“Well……I guess I’m canceling my Vogue subscription,” Gellar tweeted. “Who is with me???”

While many fans agreed with Gellar, the Crazy One star’s comment also elicited a defensive quip from Kardashian’s bestie, Jonathan Cheban. “Do u matter?” he said, retweeting Gellar. Cheban, along with Kardashian’s closest family and friends, celebrated the couple’s fashion bible coup Friday afternoon. Continue reading


Kim Knows How To Get What She Wants! This Time The Cover Of Vogue

It happened.. After months of Kanye West complaining that she “deserved it,” Kim Kardashian finally gets her very own Vogue cover..Kim Kardashian gets her Vogue cover

In a beautiful series of portraits by Annie Leibovitz, Kardashian models a number of very wedding-appropriate white gowns, while West looks like his usual too-cool self in leather pants, tight tees and tailored outerwear. But the real kicker is how taken West looks by her beauty throughout — it’s truly heartwarming. Oh!

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‘Girls’ Lena Dunham BUSTED! Extensive Photoshop On Vogue Cover (Before & After)

OY! This is what Lena Dunham looked like before Vogue‘s photoshop job!

This Is What Lena Dunham Looked Like Before Vogue's Photoshop Job

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Vogue CANCELS Miley Cyrus COVER Over VMA Blowback

Miley Cyrus, is officially nixed from appearing on the cover of iconic Vogue magazine (or any other page, see below,) All over her now infamous MTV VMA appearance..173794876JD088_Miley_Cyrus_Cat got your cover?

Sources say, Vogue chief Anna Wintour privately deemed Miley’s raunchy performance, “disgusting,” “embarrassing,” and “career suicide,” immediately ordering staff to “find another cover,” while vowing to “never, ever” feature Cyrus on any of Vogue’s pages..

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The folks at Twitter should probably expect an email from Blake Lively..  The former Gossip Girl star is represented on Twitter as @iam_blakelively, a verified Twitter account with 87,000 followers! And rest assured, the account displays that big blue verified √ checkmark.. There’s only one problem, it’s not her..

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Round and round Liberty Ross goes! First her hubby, Rupert Sanders, cheats on HER with Kristen Stewart, so she leaves him and hooks up with American Idol, producer, JIMMY IOVINE, and NOW Liberty Ross is caught cheating on Jimmy Iovine! With some mystery man! (1)

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Anne Hathaway The Joker In Vanity Fair?

I find the pictures chosen for Anna Hathaway spread in Vanity Fair simply dreadful!

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Chelsea Clinton To Follow In Political Footsteps Of Parents

Chelsea Clinton is more than hinting around about following in the political footsteps of her parents Bill and Hillary Clinton, that is if she has the right political calling, the former first daughter said in an interview with Vogue.


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SCARY SKINNY? Kendall Jenner Forearm Same Size As Thigh!

We’ve been keeping an eye on Kendall Jenner’s weight loss for over a year now. And I think I can say she has officially turned into a skeleton.

Now she appears to be only what I can describe as scary skinny. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who’s on their way to Jack-in-the-Box for lunch…


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