Cop Voids Speeding Ticket After Man Does This

Mississippi state trooper, Jason Ales voided a speeding ticket he had just issued after the man surprised him by asking if he was ‘doing okay’.

Mike Powers from Gallatin, Tenn., asked the trooper the tender question after he had been ticketed, and the officer was so touched, he cut Powers loose. Powers then presented trooper Ales with a hand carved bracelet. A bromance was born.


Powers said as he was rushing to make a work appointment last Wednesday in Mississippi, an officer pulled him over for speeding. Continue reading

America’s FASTEST Highway Officially OPEN

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS. – A Texas Toll road has officially open boasting the country’s fastest allowed speed limit of 85 mph.

The 41-mile stretch of Texas Highway opened after three years of round-the-clock construction.

The new fangled toll road charges personal vehicles displaying an electronic tag about 15 cents per mile.

The speedy highway is an alternate route, connecting Austin and San Antonio, two of the Texas’ largest metropolitan areas.