30,000 Tickets in 30 Days! So Cal CellPhone Ban With Free Strip Search Deemed A Success!

The SFGate is reporting CHP gave out at least 30,000 tickets in 30 days — across the state to people allegedly using cell phones or other electronic devices while driving. The huge number of infractions were handed out as part of a masterplan to enforce the state’s so-called distracted driving laws.

Every one of those ticketed automatically qualified for a free strip search — no telling how many folks actually got probed in the process.

Officials say they are simply trying to remind drivers that it’s illegal in California to use a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle, unless the phone is being used in hands-free mode, or during an emergency.

Oh! and remember kiddies! Texting or reading a message on a cell phone or using an electronic device to communicate while driving is also prohibited.

Rock Band Creating A Beattles Version!!

To all you Rock Band fans out there..you know who you are…

…the ones who have barbeques just to play rock band for 10 hours straight and force shy people to sing and play off beat.

Here is what MTV had to say:

“As we moved through the creative process, it just seemed to make sense to clearly highlight the association between The Beatles game and the critically acclaimed Rock Band franchise. The game is being developed by Harmonix and will utilize and build upon the core foundation of Rock Band to create a brand new and innovative Beatles experience.”

Party On!!