Mike And Molly Rasist?

THECOUNT.COM "News You Can Count On!" - March 3, 2013


Arizona and drunk indians go together like, well wait, they don’t go together at all! But hit sitcom, Mike & Molly sure thinks they do! In a recent airing of the popular comedy, Mike’s mom, when asked if she would like to move, says, “Arizona? Why would I move to Arizona? It’s nothing but a furnace full of drunk Indians.” No you didn’t…


The joke isn’t sitting well in the Native American community. A rep for the Navajo Nation tells TMZ,  “For a show like this displaying us in a negative light is just unacceptable, they are taking a shot at the entire state of Arizona and its indigenous people.”The rep says, “An apology would be the right thing to do, but some damage done can’t be fixed in an apology.” tmz


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