Megan Fox Attends Anti-Gay Church

Lisa Mason Lee - April 23, 2012


MeganBrianOasis2 500x555 Megan Fox Attends Anti Gay ChurchMegan Fox was seen with her husband Brian Austin Green, walking into church again this Sunday.

These two started going to this Christian church called “Oasis” that I attended a few times, back when I lived down the street from there in L.A., until one Sunday, the Pastor condemned gay people. Never went back since!

BrianMeganOasis2 Megan Fox Attends Anti Gay Church

Brian and Megan at Oasis a few weeks ago


Even though Oasis condemns gay people, it’s a really nice church, and, I believe it’s a good thing that Fox and Green have decided to start getting in touch with their spirituality.

Maybe church inspired her to start removing ALL of her tattoos?

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