Black Couple Gives Birth to White Child

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Picture 41 1 Black Couple Gives Birth to White Child

Doctors are stumped and the Nigerian parents are left scratching their heads as mom gives birth to a white baby! Blond, blued eyed and snow white, the miracle child named Nmachi, meaning “Beauty of God” has been tested and is not an albino! The baby was also tested and proved to be the seed of both parents and the couple has no mixed race history!



I think this is one good looking kid but one thing struck me, the eyes, they look like alien eyes and honestly kind of freaked me out! Now all we have to do is follow this story for a few decades to see what this kid grows up to be! Maybe a World leader, maybe a guru, maybe prom queen?baby Black Couple Gives Birth to White Child


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  • Lisa Mason Lee

    Agreed! :)

  • Susan Omondi

    That explains human race! Adam and Eve.

  • DancingSpiderman

    I’ve noticed that a high percentage of these oddball “out-of-place babies” look a lot like Gilligan. Hmmmm…?

  • ricardo

    Me Myself and Irene lol The baby doesn’t look african at all to say he is an albino. what is his name? Casper?

  • DancingSpiderman

    i gree, nekkid bullwinkle. Too harsh.

  • stillnakedbullwinkle

    You guys are hard core in some of your comments. Sigh

  • Anonymous

    test tube freak

  • jh

    Its one ugly kid, just does not look right. The color part of the eyes are way to big

  • michellematema

    cant explain it,but f she slept with a white guy,the child would ve been coloured not totally white like that and the hair is too long for a newborn,ts juss too weird

  • Anonymous

    damn sure she slept with a white guy lol

  • DancingSpiderman

    Wow… that’s all i got to say ’bout that.
    Hope baby and family are well, now and in the future.

  • Lisa Mason Lee

    I like the baby’s little leg. It looks like the Gelfling girl in The Dark Crystal-so magical!

  • Anonymous

    Enter Your Comment Here

  • seema

    I dO not know or can not belive this I personally think she has slept with a white guy definately….

  • stillnakedbullwinkle

    Well, all new born babies are kinda freaky looking really! I mean if you floated around in a pool of liquid for ninth months, how would you look? I would be one furry pickle with a nice smile that is for sure! :) Now, Lisa, you would be a hot mess now matter what I suspect. I ask for some baby pictures of Lisa in the near future and prove a bet that you were beautiful as a new born baby and did not look like a vlassic pickle as some babies do? Yep, the eyes are freaky but darling, what is up with that hair? That is so 80s and those shoes! OmG! ;)

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