BY REQUEST: How And Where To Watch 12.12.12. Concert

If you’re like a lot of readers, you’ve been wondering just how to tune into tonight’s huge 12-12-12 concert honoring Sandy victims. Your faithful editor has researched the matter and I offer the following options:

First off, you will have no problem finding this show on your TV set, a staggering Thirty-four television stations will broadcast the concert, including AMC, the Smithsonian Channel and HBO. Additionally, another 30 websites — including Hulu, AOL and Yahoo will stream the show live. Two Sirius XM stations, Channel 20 and Channel 22, will play the show, according to the Wall Street Journal. So I guess the “how to watch part” is, turn your TV set on.

Money donated to the benefit concert is set to go to the Robin Hood foundation.

Justin Bieber Makes DrudgeReport For Being a “BRAT”

What in the world has come over Justin Bieber? Sure we all know he’s having relationship problems but is that any reason to crash the 40th annual American Music Awards as a precocious brat?

I’m not the only one that noticed Bieber was acting a fool last night, he also caught the attention of major news outlets like Yahoo!News and the biggest outlet of them all, the DrudgeReport who ran the headline, “Brat Bieber: ‘This is for all the haters’…”

The Yahoo news article also pulled no punches slanting the article to make Bieber look just plain bad.

“Instead of his usual positivity, he set a rather bratty tone for the remainder of the evening.
Instead of leading off with the usual accolades (you know: God, parents, hard-working staff, that sort of thing), Bieber chose the rubbing-in route for his thank-you speech. “This is for all the haters who thought I’d be around for 1, 2 years,” he announced, adding, “I feel like I’m gonna be here for a very long time.”

In all fairness, no one can really predict how long an artist is going to be around anymore, and hopefully Bieber will be a self-fulfilling prophecy…