Hottie WWE Wrestler ARRESTED Shoplifting At Walmart

Tenille Dashwood, a female wrestler with the WWE, was arrested for shoplifting at a Connecticut Walmart Monday.

Dashwood, 25, is known by WWE fans as Emma.

Tenille Dashwood emma mugshot

She was stopped by WalMart security and accused of stealing an iPad Mini case, valued at about $20.

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Entire Family Go On LSD Trip After Eating Walmart Steak

A pregnant woman and her entire family were hospitalized after consuming meat later found to contain LSD. The tainted meat was traced back to a Tampa area Walmart store.USA-LSD-FLORIDA

Local authorities are investigating after the medical examiner’s initial tests confirmed the lacing of the powerful hallucinogenic drug into the family’s meat.

Jessica Rosado, who was nine months pregnant, was transported to the hospital were she was induced into labor. Ronnie Morales, the boyfriend, and her two young daughters also fell ill after eating portions of a bottom round steak bought from a local Tampa, FL., Walmart.
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OK Grandfather KILLED By 9-Year-Old Grandson In Walmart Parking Lot

A Oklahoma Grandad was killed by his own 9-year-old grandson after the boy backed over him in the family

Raymond Carson, 54, was loading items into the back of his Suburban, when the vehicle began backing up and over him, say cops.

The tragic accident occurred in a Wal-Mart in Enid, OK.

When emergency crews arrived, people had already moved Carson from underneath the vehicle.

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Sean Puffy Combs Clothing Line Factory Fire Kills At Least 112

A horrifying story breaking out of Bangladesh this morning as a factory fire kills at least 112 people.

The factory manufactured clothing for the likes of Sean “Puffy” Combs, Walmart, Disney, Sears and other western brands.

Inspectors said boxes of Faded Glory brand as well as Hip-Hop guru, Sean Combs’ brand shorts and T-shirts lay burning on the floor or stacked smoldering cartons.

Documents found in the charred building indicated upcoming jobs included Disney and Sears.

An Associated Press reporter searching the factory Wednesday found these and other clothes, including sweaters from the French company Teddy Smith, among the equipment charred in the fire that killed 112 workers Saturday. He also found entries in account books indicating that the factory took orders to produce clothes for Disney, Sears and other Western brands.

Garments and documents left behind in the factory show it was used by a host of major American and European retailers, though at least one of them — Wal-Mart — had been aware of safety problems. Wal-Mart blames a supplier for using Tazreen Fashions without its knowledge.

The fire has elevated awareness of something labor groups, retailers and governments have known for years: Bangladesh’s fast-growing garment industry — second only to China’s in exports — is rife with dangerous workplaces. More than 300 workers there have died in fires since 2006.

Sick Prank Leaves Man Glued to Wal-Mart Toilet!

Cops found a 48-year-old man stuck to a Wal-Mart toilet in Maryland.

The man sat down for a number 2, and when he tried to stand up to leave, he failed. The panicked man then called the police for help after realizing that he was in a sticky situation.

The man was indeed glued to the toilet seat, and it took responders 15 minutes to remove the man and the seat from the stall!

The victim was taken with the toilet seat stuck to his bum, to Union Hospital of Cecil County, where the seat was detached. He left with only minor injuries to his buttocks.
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