Horse Meat And Secret Drug Used In Frozen Lasagna Admits Maker

A major frozen lasagna manufacturer, Findus, has admitted to using 100 percent horse meat and a mystery drug in their Italian style entrée, “Deep Fill” Beef Lasagna. Officials are only describing the drug as “a known health risk.”


The stunning admission by the frozen food giant makes it only the latest in a series of companies caught dealing horse meat to unsuspecting consumers….

Comigel, the company which produced the contaminated Findus lasagne at its manufacturing plant in Metz, eastern France, has refused to explain itself.


Comigel management had no statement to release and simply said the 53-year-old president of Comigel, Erick Leharge, was ‘unavailable for comment.’ source

This is the first time of a confirmed instance of a non-beef “burger product” being contaminated. There is also a worrying possibility that the Findus products contained a drug which is was described by officials as a known health risk.

DNA Reveals UK Beef Burgers Contain 37 Percent Horse Meat

Well this would be a good story for Piers Morgan… Authorities say the DNA of horses and pigs has been found in ground beef burger products sold in the UK and Irish supermarkets.  Some products contained as much as 37 percent horse meat.


Out of 27 products analysed, 10 contained horse meat and 23 contained pig meat.

The Republic of Ireland’s food safety authority discovered the issue, identifying the meat came from two processing plants in Ireland, Liffey Meats and Silvercrest Foods, and the Dalepak Hambleton plant in Yorkshire.

Though it poses no risk health, people buying and consuming the burgers had no idea they were eating horse meat,

“In Ireland, it is not in our culture to eat horse meat and therefore, we do not expect to find it in a burger,” said one unlucky customer.

Retailers were ordered to remove all implicated batches of the burgers, at least until they get caught the next time…