Blaze At Fox News DC HQ Forces Emergency Relocation Of Sunday Programs ‘Extensive Damage’

WASHINGTON, DC. (THECOUNT) — A fire Sunday morning in Northwest Washington, D.C., damaged studios for Fox News, forcing “Fox News Sunday” to relocate its broadcast to a local affiliate’s studio, thehill is reporting.

“Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace addressed the fire to kick off his popular Sunday’s program saying the fire forced him and his crew to abruptly move to another location for broadcast.

“If things look a little bit different here today that’s because of the fact that we had a fire — yes, a fire — in our building on North Capitol Street, and so we’re over at our wonderful affiliate WTTG,” Wallace said.

The fire also shuttered C-SPAN and MSNBC, who all share the same address.

D.C. Fire and EMS tweeted that an electrical fire broke out in the 8th floor television studio but nobody was injured.

Steve Scully, the political editor for C-SPAN, tweeted shortly after 7 a.m. that the Fox News and C-SPAN studios sustained “extensive damage,” and MSNBC’s studio took on “extensive smoke and water damage.” Continue reading

CNN Don Lemon Fans Co-Workers Concerned Over Anchor’s Shocking Weight Loss

CNN host, Don Lemon, sort-of addressed the concern fans and coworkers have had over his recent dramatic weight loss.

While passing around a massive convenience store Philly pretzel to his panel covering the Democratic National Convention, Lemon said he had been “running a lot,” in his effort to explain his recent weight loss. But before you go jumping on social media chiming in about Lemon having some exzotic desease, check out the anchor’s 1980’s modeling shots for reference..

don lemon modeling photos

“That was a lifetime ago when I had a whole lot more hair and a lot less body weight,” Lemon said. “I was giving Will Smith a run for his money. Clearly he won on the money part.” Lemon joins his fellow CNN host Anderson Cooper, who began modeling at age 10for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Macy’s, but stopped a few years later after he said he was “propositioned by a photographer.”  On Wednesday, Bill O’Reilly revealed that he had been approached by a modeling agency during his early career to be the “Marlboro man” for the famous cigarette campaign. h/t huffpo

don lemon modeling photos 2 don lemon modeling photos 3 don lemon modeling photos 4

Megyn Kelly: Roger Ailes Sexually Assaulted Me Too

Oh the heels of Gretchen Carlson‘s stunning claim that her boss, Roger Ailes, sexually assaulted her, now golden girl Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly is also saying she was sexually assaulted by the media mogul.

Insiders say The Murdoch family is advancing on a bid to oust Ailes as CEO of Fox News. The Kelly revelation may be a hint as to the reason why.

megyn kelly vacation trump

Two sources briefed on the corporate investigation into Ailes told New York Magazine that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has joined Gretchen Carlson in accusing the 76-year-old executive of sexual harassment. Continue reading

MSNBC Cheeky Headline ”Rump Upstages Rubio”

EXCLUSIVE: MSNBC truncated GOP front runner Donald Trump‘s name to read “Rump” on a recent story appearing on their website.

The cheeky headline read, “rump upstages Rubio with endorsement.”

msnbc rump trump headline

The feud between Marco Rubio and Donald Trump rages on as Presidential hopefuls make their final pitches to Super Tuesday states. Continue reading

CHILLING: Chattanooga Shooter Worked 10 Days At Ohio NUCLEAR POWER PLANT

Mohammad Abdulazeez, the man who killed four U.S. Marines, reportedly tried to get work at a nuclear power plant in Ohio, but luckily failed a background check..

According to the Associated Press:

Chattanooga shooter Muhammad nuclear plant ohio

Todd Schneider, a spokesman for FirstEnergy Corp., says Muhammad Abdulazeez was conditionally hired as an engineer at a nuclear plant in east Cleveland. Continue reading

Bill Murray Falling Down Drunk On MSNBC [VIDEO]

After sipping vodka during his last appearance ever on Late Night With David Letterman, Bill Murray appeared on MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” and he was completely snookered.

Murray went to sit down for the MSNBC segment and missed his chair, falling hard to the floor below, then finished the night with the slurred interview where the Groundhog Day star admitted to having a “few” glasses of wine with dinner..

bill Murray drunk msnbc 2

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Mike Brown’s Memorial Just Burned Down

The memorial honoring the spot that Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri, last month, was burned down on this morning, Tuesday.

Trymaine Lee, a nearby resident suspected foul play: “They light candles every night with no problem,” the neighbor said. “I think somebody set it on fire. And that says a lot to me.”

Burned Down Mike Brown Memorial 4

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Is Jay Carney On His Way To MSNBC?

Jay Carney maintained that he not interested in going back to his job before his stint as WH Spokesman, a journalist, but sources say MSNBC is courting his for a contributor position.

Carney reported for Time in Moscow, and being Washington Bureau Chief for Newsweek.

White House spokesman Jay Carney gives t

“I’m not going to go back to being a journalist full time,” Carney told the New York Times.  I’m not going to disappear from view.” Continue reading