REPORT: Kate Middleton Secret Plastic Surgery REVEALED?

Kate Middleton has informed the commoners that she plans on taking a longer than usual maternity leave after she gives birth, but reports say the Duchess is really taking the time off to get plastic surgery, in the form of a tummy tuck.

The surgery of choice among the elite, Kate will undergo the procedure in an effort to bounce back into bikini shape after her royal egg hath hatched.

kate middleton plastic surgery

Despite the plastic surgery rumors, Kate stays very active in her everyday like, (if you can call anything she does “everyday,”) working out and taking a few daily jogs around the block. Continue reading

Kate Middleton Doppelganger Goes Extra Mile With Prosthetic ‘Baby Bump’

Meet the waitress who would be queen… Heidi Agan! This woman was making $40 a day slinging hash until the day one of her customers noticed she bore a striking resemblance to Kate Middleton!


These days Agan rakes in over $1,000 – for each appearance – playing the duchess! She’s even going the extra mile by showing up to her commitments – pregnant! or at least appearing to be knocked up!

Since Kate is now with child baby, Agan is also appearing with a ‘prosthetic’ baby bump.

“As Kate grows I will too – to be authentic I thought it was important,” she said.


Since taking her customer up on his offer, Ms Agan has made regular television, radio, corporate and newspaper appearances as the duchess.


“I did the Alan Titchmarsh Show and everywhere you turned there was another celebrity,” she said. “You just have to pinch yourself as I can’t believe it’s happened.


So would it have been THAT hard for Heidi to actually get pregnant? Now that would have been off the charts! But I think it is safe to say that Heidi has fallen into a fairytale lifestyle! Preggo or not!

Kate Nurse Suicide Note Reveal: Colleagues ‘Ostracized Me’ After Prank

Though the prank phone call was mentioned in the nurse’s suicide note, most of her writings, out of a total of three notes she left behind, focused on “senior colleagues” who apparently ostracized her after she accidentally took the phony-baloney call that landed in Kate Middleton‘s hospital room.

In the first letter, she goes after hospital staff, complaining they shunned her shortly after the incident, while senior staff tore into her, putting the blame squarely on her.

Two more letters penned by the woman shortly before she took her own life – and left at her workplace – referenced the prank call as a ‘tipping point’ rather than a root cause to her suicide.

This refocus on management’s actions directly following the incident, will do little to get the Aussie DJs off the hook, but maybe it will shed a little light on the bullying that takes place in the workplace, it must be further examined, don’t you agree? I mean, you don’t have to be a little kid to be bullied, do you?

Middleton Aussie DJ Pranksters Have History Of ‘Extreme Crank Yanking’

I know that there are people out there who absolutely love playing practical jokes and in some sick way they even seem to enjoy getting pranked. I am not a big fan of pranks, sure I did all that stuff when I was a kid but later on I realized there’s probably some bad karma attached to scaring the living daylights out of people for kicks.

The Australian DJs who pulled the prank on Kate Middleton’s nurse, yielding tragic results, end up having a history of extreme pranking.

Good old Harvey Levin over at TMZ is reporting,

There’s some serious hypocrisy at the Australian radio station that pulled the plug on the Kate Middleton pranksters — because the station has a history of setting up dangerous stunts … some purposely designed to cause panic and mayhem.

2DayFM’s “Kyle and Jackie O” show aired a segment called “Desperate Acts” back in 2009 … where a listener was given $1,000 to call her sister and convince her their mother was injured, bleeding, and in need of medical attention.

It worked … the sister called 911 and sent paramedics speeding to the mother, who was totally fine.

That hoax prompted a police investigation.

Later in 2009 … Kyle and Jackie O hooked up a teenager to a lie detector while her mother grilled her about her sex life. The stunt blew up in their faces when the girl suddenly revealed she had been raped when she was 12.

That segment led to another police investigation, and got the DJs a week-long suspension.

Additionally, 2DayFM has reportedly been on probation multiple times for violating Australia’s broadcast code.

Despite getting repeatedly slapped on the wrist for their stunts … 2DayFM honchos still signed off on Michael Christian and Mel Greig pulling the Kate prank.

2DayFM’s response to the nurse’s death has been that “no one could have predicted” the tragedy — arguably true — but they’ve also broadcast stunts where tragedy is not only foreseeable, but desired.

So, canceling the DJ’s show … hypocritical?

Honestly I don’t wish anything bad on these two, they seem like cool people. It’s just a tragedy 360.