How embarrassing, rapper Tyga just got all of his bling repossessed! It’s common for entertainers to sport outrageous jewelry that doesn’t actually cost them a single penny. Some ritzy jewelry stores are chomping at the bit for a chance to adorn a celebrity in one of their products or creations, but make no mistake about it, most of it is on loan, which means you have to give it back at some point or pay for the merchandise.. According to TMZ, that’s exactly what happened to rapper Tyga.
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Julianne Hough’s Jewelry Heist

Julianne Hough just got $100,000 worth of jewelry stolen from the backseat of her car. Hough left three pieces of jewelry that was given to her as a gift from Ryan Seacrest. She parked her Mercedes in a lot and that’s where it got stolen. Police said that there was no evidence of forced entry. So we can elude that perhaps Hough just didn’t lock her car.


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World’s Most Ridiculous Celebrity Jewelry

This reminds me of the old story, “The Emperor’s Clothes” you know the one where the big cheese insists that his fashion sense is perfectly, perfect, but the truth is, he’s not wearing any clothes at all…

In this scenario the situation is kind of reversed… Celebrities that wear huge, gaudy jewelry, while also insisting, it’s perfectly cool… Without further ado, the world’s most ridiculous celebrity jewelry…

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Warning! Trendy Feather Earrings Poisonous

In this economy, we all want to save money, and we cut corners around what we really want, and then settle for a product that is similar, yet cheaper in quality. In most cases there is no serious risk involved with cutting corners, but in this case, there is a very serious risk.These trendy feather earrings that look so great, may not make you feel so great in the long run. Some of these flashy and fun earrings have a big dirty secret…I found it out!

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