In this economy, we all want to save money, and we cut corners around what we really want, and then settle for a product that is similar, yet cheaper in quality. In most cases there is no serious risk involved with cutting corners, but in this case, there is a very serious risk.These trendy feather earrings that look so great, may not make you feel so great in the long run. Some of these flashy and fun earrings have a big dirty secret…I found it out!

MADE IN CHINA: “This product contains DEHP, a PHTHALATE CHEMICAL, LEAD and OTHER CHEMICALS known to the state of California to cause CANCER, BIRTH DEFECTS and OTHER REPRODUCTIVE HARM.”


… This is the tiny warning I found on a sticker, on the outside of the $8 feather earrings I recently purchased in Las Vegas. Of course I didn’t bother to read the warning until I got home and almost wore them for the first time! I was shocked to read this disclaimer, and even more shocked to find out that these harmful chemicals are in most cheap earrings I buy! How was I ever supposed to know?!

Now that I know this scary fact about cheap earrings, my first mission is to inform you- the world, then I am going to go through all of my cheap party style jewelry and see how much of it looks similar to the LEAD infested feather earrings- then sadly throw it out.

I am nervous to learn this fact about cheap jewelry. It makes me wonder how much jewelry I’ve worn throughout my life that has lead/DEHP/PHTHALATE in it!? Probably ALL of the Forever 21 and alike stores have bad jewelry!

Here are the earrings I got, the metal looks kind of rustic-brown. Maybe this will help you decide which pieces of your jewelry that need to go bye-bye: