Tracy Morgan Heckles Jeremy Lin But Lin Laugh Last

Tracy Morgan is just one big hot mess these days, shooting off his big mouth on the sidelines like some common bully chump in the upper deck.

Celebrities watch the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, NYC

The “30 Rock” star spent much Monday’s game yelling obscenities directed at Jeremy Lin, “Hey, Jeremy. How about the Knicks? Best record in the East,” Morgan was quoted as saying.

At one point the former SNL reject spotted Kate Upton (who reportedly completely ignored him) and then took it out on Lin, “Are you flirting with Kate? She’s not even looking at you.”

Like any great athlete, Lin, an ex-Knicks player, took Morgan’s buffoonery as motivation to personally beat the shorts off the Knicks, scoring 22 points and eight assists in a 109-96 blowout win.

Morgan ended the night on a predictable self-deprecating note, “I used to have a mohawk my uncle gave me, just like James Harden … But mine was crooked,” Morgan said.