National Enquirer Richard Simmons BOMBSHELL Story

The Drudge Report is claiming that the National Enquirer is planning a bombshell story on former fitness guru, Richard Simmons. Just what the “bombshell” is, we don’t know.

Simmons was recently hospitalized for unknown reasons. Reps claimed the stay was over severe dehydration, however, others on social media speculated he might be suffering from something far worse.

richard simmons

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Britney Spears to Collab with DJ Tiesto?

dj tiesto 300x176 Britney Spears to Collab with DJ Tiesto?

Britney Spears may work on a track with DJ Tiesto for her upcoming album! RUMOR HAS IT!

Teresa Whites, senior vice president for A&R at Jive’s corporate parent, “Zomba Label Group”, Tweeted fans saying she met DJ Tiesto, leaving readers speculating he may work with Britney. She tweeted:
“Met Tiesto today…think I adore him…”

Also, there have been frequent music/business related meetings with Britney and producers as of late. Something is cooking up!

Annnnnddddd-One source claims Britney’s new album is 70% done, with an October launch date, and a single release in August.