Brown Family OUTRAGE As Bobbi Kristina Deathbed Photo Emerges

Bobby Brown‘s sister Leolah is outraged over news that broke saying someone is hawking a photo of Bobbi Kristina reportedly laying in her deathbed.

Apparently, the person selling the photo is an extended family member.

Bobbi Kristina Death Bed Photo 3

Leolah is reacting to reports that someone got into Bobbi Kristina’s room, snapped a photo and is selling it to websites and magazines. Continue reading

Duluth Teen Abducted By Men In Van

Duluth police say a 14-year-old female was abducted on a city street by four black men traveling in a van.

Kaytlyn Rae Quintana was reportedly snatched near Denfeld High School in Minnesota, on Wednesday.

Kaytlyn Rae Quintana abducted

According to investigators, Quintana was pulled into a van against her will at about 2:40 p.m. by a black man with shoulder-length dreadlocks that had brown tips. Continue reading

Beautiful College Student MAY LOSE ARMS After Passing Out On FROZEN PORCH

A sophomore from the University of Minnesota Duluth has suffered severe hypothermia and could lose her arms after passing out drunk on a freezing porch in subzero temperatures wearing only a light jacket and no gloves.

Alyssa Jo Lommel, 19, was dropped off near her home after a night of partying, and somehow ended up sleeping on a neighbor’s porch in frigid -17 temps.

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Robbers Take Handicapped Man’s Wheels To Wheelchair

ST. LOUIS  — Cops are searching for two men who robbed a handicapped man of his SUV — and the wheels off of his wheelchair.

Christopher McClendon was driving when he had to pull-over to check a weird noise coming from his vehicle, that’s when two men approached. One brandished a gun through the driver’s side window of his specially equipped SUV.

McClendon told the crooks he was paralyzed and begged them to let him keep his wheelchair.

“I begged repeatedly for my wheelchair,” McClendon said. “I was bawling and crying and asking them to give me my wheels.”

The bad guys dumped his wheelchair but removed and drove off with the detachable rear wheels, fearing McClendon may pursue them.

McClendon, 25, became a paraplegic after being struck by a drunk driver as he and his mother were walking to church on Christmas Eve in 1994.

“I was really in fear of my life,” McClendon said.

McClendon was discovered by Two St. Louis police officers who carried him into their squad car. Police recovered the vehicle Thursday evening.

McClendon received a temporary replacement wheelchair from a medical supplies vendor.