We all know Tara Reid was the victim of a botched boob job, but that does not explain what the hell is wrong with the rest of the actress’ body!

The Sharknado star’s abdomen looks like that of a 90-year-old, and her backside resembles a emaciated 121-year-old.. A trip to the closest McDonald’s and then a jaunt over to the nearest chiropractor STAT might be in order.


iDIET: Britney Spears VIDEO AIRBRUSHED Before And After Photos

Check out these Before and after shots depicting Britney Spears from the “Work Bitch” video.. Pay particular attention to the left hand side on this photo because that’s Britney.. The thing on the right is an Avatar, a physique bending program used in the production of the pricey video all designed to make the singer appear to be in WAY better shape than she really is..

britney airbruched work bitch

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