Madonna FALLS HARD After Prop Malfunction At Brit Awards

Madonna fell hard down a flight of stage stairs after a dancer unexpectedly pulled her by her cape.

In footage from the Brit Awards, Madge can be seen tumbling backwards down to the stage.

madonna stairs brit awards

Later the singer posted an Instagram message to her fans explaining the fall. “Armani hooked me up! My beautiful cape was tied too tight! But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I’m fine! ❤️#livingforlove”
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Will.I.Am Obnoxious With The New Album Cover?

What ever it is is doing, it’s working.. Did you know he owns part of the Beats craze? You know those pricey headphones on everyone’s wish list. The man even has the nerve to show up to a climate change conference – in his own huge personal helicopter.. Now look at his new album featuring the front and back of his own meticulously groomed noggin and monikered only by an easy to remember hashtag #WillPower.. Effective marketing or ego maniac?



As of yet there is no track list.

Christina Aguilera Divorce

Does anyone care about Christina Aguilera the “singer” and “performer” anymore?! I had been noticing that she hasn’t had much love in a while from the press, until now, since she just filed for divorce with husband Jordan Bratman.

Her recent album “Bionic” bombed, and that was broomed under the rug, and now, she has a movie coming out called “Burlesque” that she is starring in, and she’s not getting much attention for that either. I mean, she even announced her split with Bratman, and Aguilera didn’t even get the cover of US Weekly- Courteney Cox graced the cover for her split with David Arquette!

As for Aguilera’s singing career, her comeback this time around pretty much failed mainly because she looked identical to Lady Gaga in her comeback video “Not Myself Tonight”, which looked like Gaga’s video “Bad Romance”. Although they were very similar videos, I thought Aguilera maybe still had the fire to stand on her own and be just as hot like her “Lady Marmalade” days! Things just aren’t working out for Aguilera right now because she made bad decisions on the album and video, or her record label did, or maybe they both did.

The press push for her upcoming film Burlesque isn’t that strong, but thank goodness for her, I just happened to stumble upon the Burlesque trailer on YouTube. I mean, I’m on the computer often and the trailer wasn’t front and center! Aguilera stars in the film, and she is a girl with a dream, who goes to L.A. and works her way into a burlesque dance group. Although the film looks cool, it just hasn’t been promoted in the news really, and I am starting to think that there is something definitely wrong with this picture. We all know Aguilera is a gifted singer and she’s a pretty good dancer, and she was once as popular as Britney Spears and Madonna- but what now?

Why are things not going so great for her? Does she need a better publicist? Manager? Agent? Maybe she does need better people working for her, but mainly, Aguilera needs to look within. She has had such a blessed and lucky life up until now, and she just doesn’t thank the people that made her a household name- her FANS! She doesn’t acknowledge her fans, she doesn’t keep in touch with her fans, and she does zero social networking. It’s quite obvious that she doesn’t care about her fans. Gaga and Spears have her beat by millions. Spears’ team always keeps up with the latest Brit news, and Britney herself tweets what she is doing often. Gaga tweets videos of herself and always updates her fans just like Spears’ team. Aguilera does NOT. Also, I have heard stories time and time again that Aguilera is “unfriendly” on set. She is rumored to be stuck-up as can be, and very demanding. She demands a huge team, a huge trailer, lots of security and a masseuse on the set. She doesn’t appreciate all of the fans who have bought her brand and they are turning their back on her for new stars that actually interact with their fans! If she doesn’t care about her fans, they won’t continue to care about her!

She should think about doing an act in Vegas now, or get on the ball and interact with the fans-or she just might be done. Either way, she needs an attitude adjustment and realize that it’s the public who makes a star. Oh and hanging out with her pal Samantha Ronson is NOT the answer. Egoista is now in check!

Good Lord, Hair-Raising Madonna Picture – OMGadonna!!!

WOW! YUCH! I think I just threw-up in my mouth a little… We all love Madonna around here but SWEET JESUS! What’s up with this picture of a SUPER hairy Madonna! There is a copy of the photo being sold at auction. Would you pay $10,000 to have this hanging on your bathroom wall?

I wonder how much Madonna’s electrolysis sessions cost?

Britney’s Circus Cover, Track List Come to Town

Los Angeles (E! Online) – From the looks of it, there’s not much clowning around in Britney Spears’ Circus…despite the “Come on, come all!” lettering and primary-color palette.

Here lies the cover of the pop princess’ sixth studio album, which boasts the No. 1 single “Womanizer” as its first track and will almost certainly help the reinvigorated songstress start her 27th year off right when it drops Dec. 2 amid birthday wishes and intense scrutiny.


And with song titles like “Lace and Leather” and “Kill the Lights,” it appears as if the video for “Womanizer” barely scratched the surface of the kind of sexcapades Britney’s all up into now.

Coming on the heels of the record-breaking, chart-topping single—which gave Spears the biggest digital debut of any female artist since Nielsen SoundScan started keeping track—Zomba Label Group has revealed that Circus’ title track will be the next single released to whet your appetite for the main event.

Check out the complete track list and decide whether you’re planning to partake in Brit’s big-top adventure:

1. “Womanizer”

2. “Circus”

3. “Out From Under”

4. “Kill The Lights”

5. “Shattered Glass”

6. “If U Seek Amy”

7. “Unusual You”

8. “Blur”

9. “Mmm Papi”

10. “Mannequin”

11. “Lace and Leather”

12. “My Baby”

Bonus Track:

13. “Radar”