So Why does Marco Rubio Sweat So Much?

On the heels of the 10th Republican debate, I awoke this morning with one burning question I needed answered badly, why the heck does Marco Rubio sweat so much?

We already know Rubio is known for suffering fromĀ dry mouth syndrome, but does that in any way explain hisĀ constant and profuse sweating problem? We turned to the internet for the answers.

Why does Marco Rubio Sweating

Q: Why does Marco Rubio sweat so much?
Every few seconds he’s dabbing at his face with a hanky because the sweat is raining down by the gallons, down his face, into his eyes . . . does he get nervous or does he have a perspiration problem?

A: It could be a condition called ‘Hyperhidrosis’. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen when a person is nervous, specifically. Individuals with this unfortunate condition can sweat profusely in a snowstorm much the same way anyone can sweat on a hot summer day. It’s mainly triggered by concentration when there are no other outliers.

They typically sweat while they are sleeping, after showers, and even while sitting in the shade on a cool day. They are their own personal oven since they perilously carry extra body heat, hence the sweating.

It isn’t curable and is unavoidable, and unfortunately, very embarrassing for the sufferer. h/t quora

Why does Marco Rubio Sweat So Much

Well now! That explains everything! Not.

RIP! Mark Levin: I am ONE INCH From Resigning From GOP

Strong words, stronger than usual from Radio show host Mark Levin, as he ripped Republicans, saying he is “one inch” from resigning from the GOP.

Levin points out that after all those promises and then getting elected in a landslide, Republicans went back on almost every single campaign promise by fully funding CRomnibus, not even a vote on a point of order challenging Obama.

Mark Levin 1

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