Millionaire Flies Plane Banner Accusing Reggie Miller of Adultery


As a writer, I never know when a story will present itself… Today the following story was literally sky high. I could not believe my eyes and snapped this quick picture with my iPhone.

It seems a disgruntled millionaire is so mad at basketball player Reggie Miller for having sex with his wife; he had this banner flown behind a plane, back and forth over the coast of southern California, from Malibu to Redondo.

I have no idea if Reggie was in town for the big Volleyball tournament going on in Manhattan Beach, which I was in attendance; If Miller was there, he was laying low and considering what was flying above, that may have been a good idea.

This is an open invitation to the millionaire to come on and tell his story; If you want to really start something with Miller, this is the place to start it…