MSU’s Bulldog Mascot RUN OVER By ESPN CART Broken Bones

Not everyone was able to enjoy Mississippi State’s win over Ole Miss on Saturday night after MSU’s bulldog mascot, “Bully,” was run over by an ESPN TV cart! The heavy cart was driving wildly down the sideline in the game’s fourth quarter when it struck and broke the leg of the beloved mascot. Medical crews working the Egg Bowl carted the injured pup away on a stretcher.

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Football Player Dandruff Insured for $1MIL

Polamalu, Pittsburgh Steelers football player known for his long hair has turned a problem with dandruff into gold flakes. Head & Shoulders has hired Polamalu as a pitchman for their shampoo products and insured his locks in the process for $1 million with Lloyd’s of London.

So theoretically, if Polamalu gets his hair pulled out while on the field or if he mistakes hair remover for his shampoo and comes out of the shower bald, Lloyd would have to pay up. A more likely scenario is the is just a big flakey publicity stunt.