Miss Nebraska Megan Swanson DID WHAT On LIVE TV?

Miss Nebraska Megan Swanson had a bit of an accident during the live broadcast of the Miss America pageant.

Even since then, social media has been going hogwild.

Megan Swanson 3

As Chris Harrison was discussing the evening wear part of the competition, noting, “The judges will be looking at the personal style and flair of each of these contestants, Continue reading

The Bachelor CANCELED? Conjecture As Host Fails To Name Next Contestant

‘The Bachelorette’ host, Chris Harrison, is supposed to reveal the next ‘Bachelor’ on ‘After The Final Rose’, but tonight it appeared that either he forgot, or, there is no new bachelor..

Everyone was waiting for the final moment when Harrison was to announce the next Bachelor but that moment never came, leaving many to ponder the fate of the popular dating show.


We’re really excited that Andi and Josh are engaged and all, and it was really heartbreaking watching Nick break down next to Andi, but we were really excited to learn who will be the next Bachelor. And we never did. Continue reading