Walmart Selling Marijuana Themed Hoodie For Kids

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BENTONVILLE, AR. (THECOUNT) — featured many outfits in the spirit of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday, but never did many Walmart shoppers expect to see the retail giant offering a hoodie for children boldly featuring a marijuana leaf.

Our friends at LasVegasNow say a viewer narced out Walmart directing them to curious piece of clothing for sale on their website featuring images of a three-leaf clover, a four-leaf clover, and a pot leaf.


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In the screen capture of the point of sales page, which was since removed but not before being widely shared on social media, depicts a young girl wearing a bright pink pullover which reads, “normal, lucky, super lucky,” the ‘super lucky’ positioned below the marijuana leaf, LasVegasNow reported Sunday.

LasVegasNow say they examined the link the viewer sent them and it appeared to land on the official site.

All of the tabs are functional, including the cart option for purchases, and when signed in to an account the user’s info appears in the upper-righthand corner. By all indications the sweater is a Walmart item, but when we reached out to for comment they knew very little about the item, reported LasVegasNow Sunday.

“This isn’t an item sold on and we will alert the IT team to remove the image and/or page immediately,” a supervisor stated.

As of right now, the page and the link are still functional but the item is no longer available for purchase..

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