XIAMEN, CHINA. (THECOUNT) — Say What? “Chen,” a woman in China, has suffered a rare hearing disorder – she can no longer hear male voices, according to reports.

Chen, whose age was not revealed, woke up one day unable to hear her boyfriend speak, according to kdvr.


The woman became alarmed when she realized she could hear certain sounds clearly, with the exception of her nagging boyfriend.

“She was able to hear me when I spoke to her, but when a young male patient walked in, she couldn’t hear him at all,” Lin Xiaoqing, the female doctor who treated Chen, said, according to the Daily Mail. source

The condition is called reverse slope hearing loss, which means she can’t hear low frequencies – which includes most male voices, doctors say.

The non-medical version of the condition is known as “selective hearing,” a condition occurring regularly in most relationships.

Doctors say that the condition is usually caused by genetics, but that stress and a lack of sleep are considered contributing factors too, according to docs.

The condition is expected to be temporary and she is reportedly expected to fully recover.

Xiamen is a port city on China’s southeast coast, across a strait from Taiwan. It encompasses 2 main islands and a region on the mainland. Formerly known as Amoy, it was a British-run treaty port from 1842 to 1912. Many Europeans and Japanese lived on Gulangyu, today a vehicle-free island with beaches and meandering streets lined with old colonial villas, source wikipedia.