NYC, NY. (THECOUNT) — Rapper Kanye West may have discovered the next Eminem, after spotting a homeless man’s talent while walking into a NYC recording studio.

Recently homeless, Nino Blu, was approached by the rapper and asked to “show his stuff,” while standing on a Manhattan street corner.


After hearing the homeless man rap, West invited him inside the posh NYC recording studio.

West stopped dead in his tracks early Saturday morning as he listened to a homeless man rap … and Ye was impressed enough to take the guy into the studio. Ye was clearly impressed, and invited Blu to drop some bars into a mic. source

Nino was beyond grateful, calling the chance encounter a “crazy ass miracle.”

Kanye has a long day ahead. He’s performing on the season opener of “Saturday Night Live” late tonight. It’s unclear if he’ll just perform or if he’ll be part of a skit. If it’s the latter, we have a guess on the subject matter.